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My Name is Marshall Mathers

My Name is Marshall Mathers

No I’m not going to rap for you, if such a thing would even be possible in blog format I am quite certain that the world would survive much more peacefully without ever having to hear my singing voice, however, the title and topic for this blog was so compelling to me that we were almost late to school this morning, so give me a chance and read on.

After running out the door this morning 5 minutes late due to a 9 year old who still has shoe tying troubles I was quite certain we would be late because even those 5 minutes put us behind at least 2 school buses that stop every 20 ft it seems like, however, we were making good time until bam! The blog topic and title hit me, I completely missed the turn onto the highway to take us to school and kept going the wrong way for a good 2-3 minutes before realizing and having to double back, sigh. We did make it, with 8 minutes to spare I might add, thanks to all green lights and a relatively free path (and very minimal speeding shhh!), score! A sign for sure that while you may not want to hear me rap (or sing or hum or even read poetry) this blog post was MEANT TO BE, so suck it up and enjoy!

Yes oftentimes Hinesville/Liberty County feels like small town America, which in many ways it still is, it’s hard to go to Rodeo (my personal fav), the courthouse or heck walk down a street in “town” without running into a handful of people you know. To me that is one of the precious things about small town life, knowing that people still care about each other, pray for each other and have a genuine concern about one another’s welfare. And yes, gossip about each other, again the nature of the beast and one you have to learn to accept. A manual on how to grow thick skin should be handed out with your immunizations in my opinion.

I must honestly say however that the part about small town life that gets to me the most is the name dropping. In my profession I experience it a lot, ok more than a lot, daily if not hourly, ok maybe every 15 minutes. Yes, I am exaggerating, but you get the point. I think that we’ve come to a place though that if you as the person having those names thrown around doesn’t stand up and say “hey look I know those names too you want to hear some more” in a tactful way, of course I’m always tactful, then we allow the cycle to perpetuate itself and change will never happen.

Case in point. I got a call yesterday from John (name changed you little gossipers!) who wanted to let me know that THE Mayor had told him to call me about xyz. My response, “well John thank you so much for calling but which Mayor is THE Mayor because I happen to work with 5 of the 7 quite regularly.” Well to John this was not the answer, he actually got quite flustered and THE Mayor may be hearing about my inability to identify him/her based on his/her exact title of THE because John had no clue of the Mayor’s name or even which municipality he was talking about. His list continued with Councilman this and Commissioner that and on and on and on all in an effort to get me to hire him for a service that I have no idea if he’s qualified for and the honest fact is it isn’t my decision anyway, all of which I explained. So after his list ran out of steam I politely (I promise!) told him that while it was an impressive list (that you can see by looking on a website) that it wasn’t necessary because if he was hired it was a committee that would make the decision for xyz service, and he would have to submit abc just like everyone else.


John and I parted on good terms, he showed up in the office less than an hour later with all of the requisite application materials and didn’t say another name in defense of his abilities to perform a task, a definite check mark in the “John’s got smarts” column.

But as given in the example I have found that you should never drop names unless you are #1 willing to have the person called and verify that they know you from Satan (who is my cat!) & they support your xyz mission and #2 you actually know the names of the people, they’re not just THE Mayor in a community with 7 mayors and #3 you know that one day you are going to run into someone like me who deals with name dropping constantly and will call you on your bs and  #4 most decisions are not made in a vacuum so even dropping names to encourage your hire will not get you very far unless you know each person in the decision making body and have the time and ability to go to each of them.

Ok and don’t hear this in my voice please, you will have nightmares.

May I have your attention please?

May I have your attention please?

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

I repeat will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

-Leah Poole, CEO of the Liberty County Chamber & CVB

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