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My Top 5 Suggested Things to do in Liberty County

Whether you’re visiting from out of town, or you are a resident of the area, there are a plethora of things available for you to do in Liberty County. It’s always good to have some fun and enjoy some time off work/daily activities with your family and friends. Here are my top 5 suggested things to do in Liberty County!

Cay Creek Interpretive Center- Midway

Cay Creek Interpretive Center, located in Midway, is about a 1 mile walk from the beginning of a trail out to the end. It allows for families and friends to have some fun viewing various types of plants and animals, while also getting in some good cardio. Some plants and animals you may see along the way consist of various types of birds, lizards, frogs and even a variety of tree species.

Around halfway through the walk of exciting adventure and curiosity, there is a viewing tower where you can sight-see along with having a nice picnic or rest. From the view off the tower, you will be able to see the various types of trees I mentioned earlier, which consist of magnolias, palmettos, oak trees and more! As you continue on further down the walk and reach the end, you will see the beautiful Cay Creek that has many species of fish and other aquatic animals.

One of my personal favorites to see in the creek is the garfish. You may or may not see one of them, but if you do, you will notice them jump up with their long “sword” vertically displayed and doing a flapping motion in an attempt for food. It is a very interesting thing to see! Overall, Cay Creek is a delightful and calming experience for viewers to go on.

Visiting Downtown Hinesville

Going to downtown Hinesville allows for many to see the older parts of the city, our county seat, which has a variety of new and interesting shops. Amongst these shops are clothing, handmade crafts, art, jewelry, exquisite food and more! Though going downtown does not mean you have to spend money. You can always visit for browsing purposes as well! Or, while you’re at it, you can admire and compare the architectural design of the downtown parts of the city that were created in the 1900’s to more modern, and present designs. In general, visiting downtown Hinesville is an eventful experience that allows for many to have a great time.

Bryant Commons Park- Hinesville

Opened to the public in 2015, Bryant Commons Park is full of many things for local citizens and visitors to do. Bryant Commons consists of a dog park, a playground, walking grounds, a Veteran’s Memorial and more. When you first stroll through the gates, you will see many beautiful mossy oaks along with seasonal flowers.As you venture further within the park, you will follow a gravel and rock mixture road that will lead you along all the fun and exciting things to do at the park.

First up, is the playground. The playground is a good sized area for kids and parents to play. Within the playground is a big slide, many areas to climb and a few swing sets. Next up, is the Veteran’s Memorial. Here is where we honor our Veterans. Lastly, is the dog park. The dog park allows for dogs and humans to be out and about in sunshine and play with their fur friends. With many obstacles and areas to play, the dog park is a real “treat” for all. Be sure to check with the Hinesville Downtown Development Authority for any possible COVID-19 related closures or protocol.


Oglethorpe Square- Hinesville

Oglethorpe Square is a shopping center that has been added on to and created over the past 5-6 years. It contains many stores and restaurants such as Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, PetSmart, Longhorns, Chick-fil-a, Wayback Burgers and even more for you to explore and visit. I personally like this area because it has many things to do and many places to visit. One of my favorite stores in the complex is Dick’s Sporting Goods. It has all kinds of equipment and clothing for sports such as baseball, soccer, football, basketball, tennis, golf, swimming, gymnastics and other physical activities. Oglethorpe Square is the place to be when it comes to wanting a meal and having an awesome shopping spree.

Dorchester Academy and Museum- Midway

Created in the 1800s, Dorchester Academy was a school for teaching freed African Americans that resided locally in the surrounding areas. It was operational until the 1930’s, when it was burnt down and only the boy’s dormitory survived. After the fire, the remaining part of the original building was shut down until the 1960s, in which it was used to teach African Americans how to actively exercise their civil rights. Then, in 2006, Dorchester Academy became a National Historic Landmark and proceeded to be used as a museum of history and a research center. After visiting the museum/academy multiple times, I can confidently say it is a marvel of history and a beautiful place to be in. Most who visit, love it! I have a feeling you will too!


Gabe Alvarado, guest blogger


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