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Our Easy How-To Guide on a Classic Liberty County Holiday Oyster Roast

When most people think of the holiday season they think of twinkling lights, presents wrapped in pretty bows, seasonal songs and good cheer all around. But here in coastal Liberty County, for most folks the holiday season means oysters! The dropping temperatures in the fall and winter months provide cooler water along our coast which is the best environment for good oysters. And since we have so many holidays to spend with family and friends during these cooler months – what better way to enjoy it than with good food! To help you get started we put together a few tips for having the best oyster roast around! Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Southern Shoots Photography

Wash ‘em up! Pick up a couple of bushels for your get-together, keep in mind one bushel can feed about 5 people. If the bushels didn’t come washed, rinse them off with the hose really well. No one wants a mouth full of mud with their oyster.

Getting ready! Now some folks say that a metal sheet and a burlap sack is all you need for an oyster roast while others might recommend a large pot with a steaming basket. Each method has its bonuses but either way gets you the end result of delectable oysters!

Photo courtesy of Southern Shoots Photography

Get to steaming! If you’re using a sheet of metal, spread a single layer of oysters wherever there is fire underneath. Cover the oysters with a soaking-wet burlap sack and let the magic begin. If you’re using a large pot, simply drop a steaming basket in the boiling water and add in your oysters. Both methods take about 10 minutes to cook completely. The shells will start opening up which is your sign they are ready to go!

Eat up y’all! A picnic table covered with newspaper is the classic way to serve your oysters once they’re done. Be sure to have a few oyster knives ready to pry open the shells and to remove the meat from the shell. It won’t be long before the table is empty and ready for another round! You can also add a few simple things to the menu such as saltines or oyster crackers and hot sauce which are always a hit with oysters!

Photo courtesy of Southern Shoots Photography

Pro tip: when prying open the shell, make sure you stick the knife in as close to the “hinge” of the shell as you possibly can. It will make prying them open so much easier!

Not one for steaming them yourself but still want to indulge in some oysters? Head over to the Sunbury Crab Company, and they’ll bring ‘em right out to you. All you have to worry about is shucking them!

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