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Our favorite stories with dear old Dad

Father’s Day may not have quite as much hype as Mother’s Day does, but that doesn’t mean our dear old Dad’s don’t deserve a little spot light!  We’ve all taken a moment to share a story about the fellas that raised us.  These guys sure do deserve a little praise and a day off!  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Carol Stone

My Uncle Tim Morris has been the best “substitute dad” that any person could ask for.  He has always been there to comfort, guide, scold as needed, and provide unconditional love.  So many moments stand out in my mind when it comes to Uncle Tim, but I guess one that sticks out the most was when I wrecked his car (no one was hurt and looking back it was quite funny).  I had been driving his car after dropping him off at a local restaurant.  When I went back to pick him up, I parked the car and set the parking break since I was on a hill.  As I was walking inside, my uncle started running outside because his car was rolling down the hill and was headed towards another car.  Fortunately, my uncle was able to get to the car and slow it down so that is was just a little fender bender instead of a huge crash.  I, of course, was crying my eyes out because I knew he was going to be super mad. The funny thing was he was not mad, he did not even yell, he was just worried about me.  Come to find out it was not my fault but a default with the car.  This is just one example of just how wonderful he truly is.  Happy Father’s Day Uncle Tim.

Valerie Forrester 

My dad has been there for me numerous times. One time that always sticks out to me is when I was pregnant with my oldest son, and I was very stubborn. I moved out on my own with no vehicle. When my daddy found out, (I was terrified he would hurt me lol) he had the opposite reaction. He would drive 2 hours to come pick me up and take me to my appointments because he did not want me to walk to the doctor, especially in the Georgia heat (he knew I most definitely would). He would usually take me home, and drive 2 hours back to his house. He did this every month of my pregnancy. I realized then, just how much he loved me, and even though we bumped heads at times, his love was unconditional. Now he is a full-time Papaw, and he loves every minute of it.


Delese Garrett

My dad and I fish together all the time, it’s just “our thing”. Friends and family even call my dad the Bluff Master, for many different reasons, but that’s a story for another time.  One Saturday my dad, my nana, my oldest son Payton and myself went fishing.  We put in at Half Moon Marina, this fishing trip started off just like any other trip. We got the boat in, loaded our stuff and took off! There was a beautiful sunrise, as always we prayed for a good day. Daddy went straight to one of his number one secret spots! Fish were biting GREAT, everyone was putting them in the boat faster than we could get them off the hook. After a while the fish stopped biting, therefore we moved spots a few times. The fish just seemed like they disappeared so my dad decided to drive back towards the marina and fish around a few docks. BEST decision ever the fish were tearing our bait up! It was just a little after lunch and already the cooler was full of a variety pack. My nana caught one of the biggest Drum I’ve ever seen, Payton was catching fish back to back, and I was doing good too when I had a chance to fish.  I was the net person. This particular day I learned the vital importance of dropping everything, grabbing the net quickly and paying close attention.  My dad casted out, and yelled “get the net, get the net!!” My nana handed me the net in a panic, I run to the back of the boat leaning over the motor just doing everything possible to fulfill my duties as the net catcher. Daddy got the fish close, I almost had it in the net, but the fish just wasn’t ready to stop fighting. I’m still hanging over the boat motor, net in my hand, my fishing pole is tucked between my legs (I knew if I let go of that pole in the water, Daddy would have killed me). We all saw the fish, it was a beautiful huge spot tailed bass! As it came to the surface I reached to get it, and the net got caught in the boat ladder! My dad was yelling “get it, get it! It’s right there!!!” Yep, the fish got off. I was SO upset and disappointed in myself, my dad wasn’t too happy either to say the least. I just casually got out the way and continued fishing knowing my dad really wanted to probably throw me out the boat! Thirty minutes passed and Daddy came over and hugged me super tight and said “it’s okay.” We fished another hour or so then headed in to go home. While cleaning the boat my dad came up to me, told me to stop that he needed to talk to me. He knew I was still beating myself up for what happened. He managed to cheer me up. It was a talk I’ll never forget, he said some of the kindest things to me, told me how proud of me he was, just words that I’ve needed him to say to me for quite some time. It may not sound like the ideal story about why I love my dad, but it’s real. The way he carries himself with everything he’s been through in his life, gives me the strength and courage to do the same. He’s my best friend and every moment spent with him is a true blessing. 

Mary Prince

I can truly say my dad was awesome. Yes, I am a bit partial but it is true. I couldn’t have picked a better dad if I could had tried.  He was a great husband, dad & grandfather, my dad was always there for us no matter what any of us needed. I was proud to say he was my dad. The day he died was one of the saddest days of my life. I wish there was visiting hours up in heaven I love and miss him. If your dad is alive, be sure to hug him and tell him you love him.

Claudette Schomburg

My dad was a man of few words. He had the ability to charm strangers into friends, while at the same time maintaining a reserved nature. He was the type of guy that when he had something to say, everyone would stop in anticipation to listen. He was a well-respected Vietnam Veteran and showed his love for friends and family in his own special way. My best memories are the collection of memories that lead to one of the most important lessons he taught me…to “be sweet.” For as long as I can remember—as I would take off outside to play with my friends, as I would go to give him a hug and kiss goodnight, and even at the end of every phone call—he would say variations of “Be sweet now, Claudette”. I had been known to be a bit sassy since infancy…so this simple phrase was repeated throughout my childhood all the way into adulthood. It would hold different meanings at each stage of my growth. It may seem like an ordinary phrase, however, he understood that throughout my life there would be times that my patience, my courage and my values would be challenged and put to test. Kindness and compassion has since been the cornerstones in how I view the world. These special memories have brought me strength and comfort in the years since he has passed away and continue to light my days ahead.

Erin Johnson

 It’s no secret if you ask Eddie Walden for something, he will do everything in his power to deliver. As his daughter, I can tell that is so true. When I was about 10 or 11 he told me if I made all A’s in my classes at school, he’d buy me a Volkswagon Beetle for my 16th birthday. Well, I took it as a challenge and was determined to get that Beetle. A few days before my 16th birthday, my mom told me to run up town and “just take whatever car is parked in the back.” I walked down the drive way to find a white Beetle waiting for me. I was so surprised not only to have my own car, but that he’d come through, yet again! And when the air conditioner went out in that Beetle, and the headlights went out, and the under carriage got damaged from me hitting an armadillo, my dad was there fixing it for me every single time. In fact, that Beetle was truly a testament to a father’s love for his daughter.  When the battery died in that Beetle in Athens, Georgia, he managed to change it. No, I don’t mean he called AAA.  He told me to leave it in the parking lot where it broke down, I went to work and by the time I was out of work he had managed to have the battery replaced. How exactly? I will never know. My dad has always been there for me, no matter what, and even though I’m an adult now with my own family I know he’ll still always be there for me.


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