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Positivity = Sticky Buns on a Tuesday!

One thing I really strive for daily is maintaining a positive and open mindset.   I believe if you keep a positive attitude even in a crappy situation you’ll come out better than having a bad attitude. Every day I try to do something nice for someone whether it’s a complete stranger or someone I know. We never know what others may be dealing with and something as simple as a smile and kind word may brighten their entire day.

On my way to work Monday, I decided to swing by and get a dozen doughnuts for everyone. When I got to the office I saw that Mary and Carol were already here. As soon as I walked in Carol said, “YES! I needed something sweet to get me going this morning, you’re awesome!” We had 10 minutes or so to just sit and talk about our weekends, it was a lovely way to start the day. 

My Monday consisted of normal routine stuff: emails, updating the website, more emails, phone calls and a staff meeting. During our weekly powwow, I learned some interesting facts about the Liberty County Historic Jail. It was one of the earliest brick buildings at that time and the original key is STILL being used to lock & unlock the doors! How nifty is that?

I also went with Carol to get a professional headshot done by Joanna Ng at the Lens Loft. She is literally the sweetest person ever and it’s not just because she told me I look like Scarlett Johansson either!    Joanna and Katrina Barrow recently opened their new studio in downtown Hinesville and it is absolutely gorgeous!! It was such a pleasure to have her take our photos, she really made us feel at ease and confident in ourselves.


Tuesday was quite the adventure. Congressman Carter stopped in for a visit along with his aide Hunter Hall. The boss lady gave them a tour of our new office and Congressman Carter acknowledged Mary for an award she recently received from the Tourism Division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

Mary also presented Congressman Carter with a pen her brother made. Mary is awesome, we’re all so proud of you! Congratulations on being a part of the team for four years now.

Mid-afternoon Carol and I left the office to go set up for the Community Calendar Planning meeting at Ameris Bank. I was able to finally meet a few people I communicate with weekly via email or telephone. It’s always better to put a face with a name. I actually engaged in conversation at this meeting on my own (a plus!). This whole “stepping out my comfort zone and talking to people” is getting easier for me as each week passes. Yay!

Once we got back, I had an errand to run along with finishing up a presentation for Fort Stewart that’s due soon. In the midst of all that, I’m just casually sitting at my desk, minding my own business and I heard the back door open. Guess what? Leah and Mary walk in with cinnamon rolls and sticky buns from Southern Sweets Bakery!     Oh man… let me tell y’all, I took a bite and immediately fell in love! The icing was FULL of flavor and the toasted pecans inside were to die for. I need to stop, just thinking about them is making me crave another one.


Later in the evening our friend Lillian from VIP stopped in with some new promo items! We all LOVE when she stops by with “prizes.” The LCCVB got some awesome new t-shirts and these nifty little things called pop sockets. Hey anything to take my #selfie game to the next level, makes me happy!

Overall, this week has been pretty eventful and its only Wednesday. We still have our Water Slide Party to host this Friday. I am super excited for this, I’m like a big kid when it comes to water slides and bounce houses. Plus, I enjoy seeing people interact, share a laugh or two and have fun together, it truly fills my heart with so much joy. The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce and CVB are doing such a fantastic job coming up with ways to bring the community together!!!

Next week you’ll hear about the top 5 things I’ve learned since working here….





 -Delese Garrett, Program Assistant

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