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Preparing for the 4th of July in Liberty County

For most the 4th of July means a day off work, barbecues, festivals, fireworks and family reunions. For those of us in Liberty County it means looking at our Colonial history and our current strong military presence and celebrating the freedoms we enjoy because of those who have come before and those who will continue to fight for us. Independence Day officially commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence which took place on July 4, 1776.

So as the holiday looms we wanted to offer a few quick Liberty County facts about July 4th, as well as 2 huge celebrations that will take place right here in our backyard.

FACT: Liberty County was home to 2 signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Dr. Lyman Hall was 1 of only 5 physicians to sign the Declaration. When the British captured Savannah, both of Hall’s homes were torched, at which point he fled to Charleston. When the fighting ended he reclaimed his lands in Georgia and was elected as delegate to the House of Assembly in 1783. He was then elected governor. He worked to address the new state’s many problems such as: defense, disputes with natives, meager food supply & chaotic finances. A little known fact is that he suggested to the assembly that they set aside tracts of lands to establish educational academies in the future. This suggestion was instrumental in the chartering of the University of Georgia. As one of his final acts as governor he announced the signing of the Treaty of Paris which officially ended the war.

Button Gwinnett is the other signer and arguably the most famous of our signers. Locally he was huge into politics, just as he had been on the national scene. He had hoped to be named leader of the Georgia Revolutionary military forces but was not. Instead that honor went to Lachlan McIntosh, a longtime rival. The feud between the 2 grew until eventually Gwinnett challenged McIntosh to a duel and Gwinnett died of injuries sustained in the altercation.

FACT: The 3rd signer of the Declaration of Independence from Georgia had extensive history with Liberty County.

George Walton, the 3rd signer from Georgia, was sent to Sunbury as a prisoner of war at the fall of Savannah in 1778, being wounded and paroled there until his wound healed. And later when Walton became Chief Justice of Georgia he charged the grand jury at Sunbury on November 18, 1783, with the following words: “In the course of the conflict with the enemy whose conduct was marked with cruelty, the whole state has suffered undoubtedly more than any of the Confederacy. The citizens of Liberty County, with others, have drunk deep in the stream of distress. Remembering these things, we should not lose sight of the value of the prize we have obtained. And now that we are in full possession of our freedom, we should all unite in our endeavors to benefit and perpetuate the system, that we may always be happy at home and forever freed from the insults of petty tyrants commissioned from abroad.”

Celebrations Ahead:

Marne Independence Day Celebration

When: Wednesday, July 4

Times: Active Duty Military & Family Picnic 10am-2pm Newman Field

Concert & Fireworks 7-11pm Donovan Field

Where: Various, see above

Concert Featuring: 3 Doors Down, LOCASH & Jagged Edge

Cost: free

Access: Gate 2 (off North Main Street) & Gate 3 (off Old Sunbury Road) will be open no later than 4pm and will wave people thru.


Security: There will be traffic control point with direct routes to the event parking lot. In the parking lot there will be roaming patrols. Guests will enter the holding area where security will conduct bag checks and ID people who wish to drink.


Prohibited Items: pets (verified service dogs will be allowed), bottles or cans, umbrellas, video cameras, frisbees, weapons, knives & other dangerous instruments, fireworks, explosives, banner poles, large signs and/or banners


More info:


Independence Day Colonial Faire

When: Wednesday, July 4th

Times: 11am-3pm

Where: Fort Morris Historic Site, 2559 Fort Morris Road, Midway

Featuring: games of skill, prizes, live colonial music, musket & cannon firing & the chance to meet some of the Georgia Signers of the Declaration of Independence (costumed reenactors)

Leah Poole, CEO for the Liberty County Chamber/CVB

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