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Recycling in the Workplace

Recycling is an important part of society. Not only does it play a role in the environment, but it also plays a role in the economy. Recycling provides jobs while also allowing the reuse of materials, which saves money in major industries such as manufacturing. In this week’s blog, we are going to go over the key components of recycling, how it benefits the environment, how it benefits the workplace and how to recycle more efficiently.


The three major components of any environmentally sustainable program are reuse, reduce and recycle. To reuse something is to take an item previously used and use it as a substitute for something else. An example of this is taking a cardboard box you received from a package you ordered and using it to mail something to your distant family member. That way, you do not have to throw the cardboard into waste or use more of it to mail your package.


To reduce is to lower the intake of waste. Reducing allows for more space in landfills and your trash cans. To actively reduce, you can separate trash from things such as cardboard, plastic and cans. That way these items can be sent to a separate place and be incorporated back into current-day products.


Recycling is the conversion of waste into reusable materials. Doing so, allows for many benefits to society and the environment. If an item is not biodegradable, it can cause damage to the environment. An example of one of these items is plastic. So why leave plastic or other items such as plastic out and cause harm to the environment when they can be used again to create new products?

In terms of business, recycling has just as much effect in that category as it does within the environment. Recycling not only generates a pretty face for your business, but it also could save your business money. If you are a manufacturing company, you can take the recyclable waste products and generate new products for less money. This way you are not paying as much for brand new materials and the delivery of said materials.

Go Green

If you are a small-town friendly organization like the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce, you could use the fact that you recycle to say “go green” or enhance the positive context behind your name. Also, in certain instances, recycling can lessen taxes for a business. For example, major corporations can generate a lot of waste. When they recycle in mass quantities, they can potentially cut a portion of their taxes.

Enough about all of this active recycling. We need to talk about why it does not happen enough. In today’s society, many do not recycle. This causes overflow of waste and harm to the environment. Some ways to improve recycling and the amount in which it occurs is implementing support for recycling. If you establish drop off locations, take advantage of public announcements and just show your support as a business owner you are helping to make a change. If enough people push for this change, the overall premise of life will drastically improve. So, get out there and recycle today!

Guest Blogger: Gabe Alvarado

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