Ribbon Cutting for Joanna Ng Photography

Joanna Ng Photography was welcomed as a new Chamber member on Thursday, February 20 at the Chamber offices in Hinesville.

Owner Joanna Ng says she has been interested in photography since she was a child, citing her photographer aunt and uncle as inspirations, but she did not know how to take pictures and did not think it was something she would end up doing professionally.

She explained that she accidentally got into the business after filling in for her husband as a photographer at an event. After that, she shadowed one of her friends who is a professional photographer and the passion grew from there. She says that she started out photographing flowers and after gaining experience, began photographing families.

Ng does not currently have a studio but instead goes on location to areas in and outside of Liberty County. Two of her favorite spots are James A. Brown Park and downtown Hinesville.

Ng photographs families, infants, children, senior portraits and events. She likes to get a feel for what the client wants and then tailors the photo shoot to them.

“I like to let people be themselves during the shoot,” said Ng. “I find that too much direction can be stifling. If kids want to run around and be silly, I let them. That allows me to photograph them as they truly are.”

With her slogan being ‘creating lifetime memories, one smile at a time,’ Ng says what she enjoys most about photography is being able to capture memories and the essence of the family.

Joanna Ng is available by appointment Monday through Saturday.

For more information, contact Joanna Ng at 912-271-5747, visit http://www.ng1photography.com/ online or find her on Facebook at Joanna Ng Photography.

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