Your Pennies At Work!

Have you ever wondered where our county gets the money it uses to pave roads, renovate parks or upgrade ambulances? The answer is simple: these are your SPLOST funds at work!

What is SPLOST?

Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax = an optional 1% sales tax used to fund capital outlay projects proposed by the Liberty County government and participating municipal governments.

Although there are many misconceptions about SPLOST, the truth is that these funds are necessary to support growth and development in Liberty County!

Vote YES for SPLOST on the November 2022 ballot to ensure your penny is well spent!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my taxes go up if I vote yes for SPLOST?

Not at all! SPLOST is already included in your current Liberty County sales tax; this vote would just continue the current tax.

Why should I care about SPLOST?

SPLOST proceeds have been used to fund many essential projects around Liberty County, including the new Hinesville Library, necessary road repairs and new fire trucks.

How will I know what SPLOST funds are used for?

Click here to see a presentation by County Administrator, Joey Brown, which explains how SPLOST funds can and can’t be used in Liberty County!

You can always visit the county’s SPLOST webpage to see exactly how past SPLOST funds were allocated. Any entity that received SPLOST funds is required to publish an annual report of how the money was used.

How will SPLOST appear on the ballot?

The SPLOST Referendum will appear on your ballot as COUNTY ONE PERCENT SALES AND USE TAX.

Vote yes to continue using SPLOST for the next six years!

Your SPLOST Funds at Work!

Photos provided by the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce

Learn more about how SPLOST supports our community!

Video Created by Anthony Villanueva with V Films, LLC in partnership with the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce and Liberty County Board of Commissioners

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