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Tell a Member’s Business Story: Chris Niksch with Sammy’s Pressure Washing and Fence Staining

The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce has close to 500 AMAZING members. From restaurateurs to retailers and everything in between. They add a great amount of value to Liberty County and the surrounding area. Each member brings something special to our chamber family, and we want to take time to highlight our members by telling their business story. We had one of our program coordinators meet with Mr. Chris Niksch to get his story.

Who are you and what is your business?

My name is Chris Niksch and our business is called Sammy’s Pressure Washing and Fence Staining. This company is family-owned, both owners are former military. We operate in Liberty County and surrounding areas. Our number one priority is to provide professional services and to have great customer service. We want our business to be built on the relationships we have with our current customers and also with our new customers along the way.

What made you start your business?

I have always had a passion for starting my own business or company. When Covid broke out it affected the jobs my partner and cousin had at the time, so they were both without jobs. I, however, had just left my position as a sales and installation manager for Defenders, a dealer of ADT to start out on my own, but I was then forced to shut down the operation. My partner and I spent the next 9 months working with another family member to learn the business and we made the decision to start two separate companies.



What brought you to Liberty County?

My partner and I were both born and raised in Liberty County but we moved to Atlanta, Ga for several years. However, we both soon realized that Liberty County is home. We have a great family here and being closer to them has been amazing.


What’s an interesting fact about your business that most people don’t know?

We are community-driven and our purpose is to be able to give back to the community in fun and creative ways. One example would be when we took Santa out in December to drop candy canes at homes, with the parents’ consent, while we were getting caught by the doorbell cameras. In March, we are planning on taking the Easter Bunny and our mascot Sammy into five different neighborhoods to go and interact with the kids to spread a little positivity, while at the same time staying Covid friendly.



Do you have any advice for new business owners?

As an entrepreneur, it is really easy to see this amazing vision but just know when you dive in, you’ll be putting a lot more work into the business than you ever imagined. The goal is to make certain that you have a good plan and also proper funding. I have many friends that are business owners and the first two years can be grueling. If you are starting a new business, I would highly recommend you read or listen to the book called “The E Myth” by Michael Gerber.

When you’re not working, where in Liberty County do you like to spend your time?

When I am not working I enjoy hanging out with my cousins Joey and Whitnie Dixon, we work together but we also hang out a lot after work. I enjoy going to Doodles to play pool and going to GATAS to say hello to friends. I also love going to networking events to meet new people.


What made you join the Chamber? What value have you gotten out of your Chamber membership?

I believe the Chamber is an amazing asset to the community in which they serve. I have been a member of the Chamber for roughly a year now and I have been very pleased with the amazing support that I have personally seen. We have had the opportunity to do a Facebook live cooking event, also attended great after-hours events and they also have classes to help as well. Each one of those experiences has been educational and shows a pure sign of support.


Where can we reach you to utilize your services/shop with you?

You can find us on Facebook at Sammy’s Pressure Washing and Fence Staining and also on our webpage at or even a call 912-255-9650


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