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Realtor, KaRi Villafane’s Business Story

The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce has over 500 amazing members and each of them contribute something great to our area. We want to highlight our members by telling their unique business story. Meet KaRi Villafane who is a realtor with the Real Estate Resource Center of South Georgia and the owner of Executive Salon Suites.

 Why did you decide to pursue this career?

KaRi Villafane

📸Sold by KaRi Villafane

KaRi’s mother followed the career path of real estate and as much as KaRi tried to fight it, she fell in love with it too. KaRi was her mother’s first assistant and has been a licensed realtor since 2021. “As I became familiar with the commercial inventory in our area, I noticed there was a need for an upscale, safe work environment for beauty professionals,” she said.  This is when KaRi realized it was important that she start her business, Executive Salon Suites. Since she has a background as an esthetician, she knows what other professionals look for in a space, what their needs and concerns are. She wanted to be a resource for others in the industry.

What is an interesting fact about your business people might not know?

Entrepreneurship runs deep in the Villafane family, and they support one another when given the opportunity. “An interesting fact about my business is that we are located in downtown Hinesville where my sister also has her business, the It’s All About Me Selfie Studio,” she said. d

When you’re not working, where in Liberty County do you like to spend your free time and why?

When KaRi is not working she likes to enjoy her time at Bryant Commons. “I am able to relax, gather my thoughts, come up with new ideas while enjoying the beautiful scenery,” she said. This park is situated on a 150-acre lot with a mile long walking loop around a large pond and also features Cisco’s Dog Park.

What made you decide to join the Chamber and what value have you gained from your Membership?

Inspired by her mother, Kathy Villafane who has been a member for over a decade, KaRi also joined the Chamber. KaRi mentioned that her mother is a huge advocate for getting involved in the community and building relationships with not only other professionals, but with the citizens that they serve. KaRi said, “What I love about being a member is, it allows me to know what goes on in the community, so I am able to inform my potential clients. It also keeps me connected with likeminded professionals.”

Tell A Members Business Story: Real Estate Resource Center of South Georgia and Executive Salon Suites

📸Sold by KaRi Villafane

What advice do you have for new business owners?

“Never give up on your dreams. It may sound so cliché, but if you do not believe in your product, how do you expect others to? I will also say that, as a chamber member, the tools and the resources you need are there for you, but you will only benefit if you take advantage of what’s available.”

Where can we reach you to utilize your services?

Real Estate:

O: (912) 335-4544

C: (912) 321-9346

Facebook: Sold by KaRi Villafane

Instagram: @SoldByKaRiVillafane

Executive Salon Suites:

(833) 778-4837

Facebook: Executive Salon Suites

Instagram: @ExecutiveSalonSuites


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