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The All Time Best Ways to Embrace Nature in Liberty County

Photo by Jeff Jones

Spring is in full swing, and we are loving it! We’re just as happy as can be to soak up a little sunshine and feel the grass under our feet. The temperatures are perfect, the flowers are in full bloom and the days are getting longer. The perfect mix for a fantastic day on the Georgia coast! Spending the day outside is our favorite hobby so we thought we’d share a few of our favorite places to enjoy being outdoors!

  • Hit the water & see if you can spot some dolphins. We all love when we spot these lovable creatures gliding through the water. Dolphins are often spotted by boaters in the intracoastal waterway, and they frequent the creeks along the coast as they teach their young how to fish.


  • Head over to Bryant Commons for a picnic. Don’t be fooled by its location in the middle of the Hinesville, this park is a quiet hideaway. Pack a lunch, throw down a blanket and forget about the busy streets beyond while you’re enjoying this natural retreat. They also have catch & release fishing!

  • High tide on the coast may be when you watch for dolphins, but low tide has its fun too! If you’ve even been to Jones Creek park at low tide, you can see the sea snails peaking up on the marsh grass and collect a piece of driftwood or two!


  • Go fishing! There are some great places to catch a few fish for both freshwater & saltwater anglers.  Check out our list of favorites here!

Photo by Kari Coons


  • Watch the sun set on the coast. If y’all thought we’d leave this one out, you’re crazy. Arguably one of our favorite pastimes here, this is just the best way to end the day. Find a comfy spot and just sit back and relax! There’s just nothing better than the simplicity of ending the day watching the sky fade from its normal bright blue to Easter egg worthy pastels before the sun goes to bed.

Photo by Bobby Cary

  • Pick some fresh fruit at Brewers Christmas Tree farm. This one is perfect for those summer afternoons with the kids. Here you and the gang can enjoy collecting a bucket full of blueberries or scuppernong grapes for the family. Head home and make a pie or jelly or maybe even some sangria!

Photo by Tammy Lee Bradley

  • Stay tuned all of you nature lovers, as this season continues on and turns into summer even more outdoor fun will start to pop up! During the summer many organizations will host camps for the little nature lover in your life, Fort Morris & the YMCA to be specific! Keep those kiddos active! Stay in the know with all of these events by following us on social media for Live in Liberty and check out our calendar!


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