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The Best Places to Snap Fall Pics in Liberty County

Once the leaves start to change, we all search Pinterest for hours trying to save all the fall photos we want to recreate. With the help of these fall photo destinations right here in Liberty County you will have the best fall pics of the season!

Leaves on a dirt road

Photo by Bianca Croft

Find a Dirt Road

Dirt roads are still in abundance in our county, so finding the perfect dirt road for fall photos shouldn’t be hard. Barrington Ferry, Old Sunbury Road and Cay Creek are just a few!  Whether it’s one of the beautiful tree canopies, the sun setting across a field or wildlife crossing your path, we’ll guarantee some insta-success!


The Bacon Fraser House

Photo provided by Katrina Barrow

The Bacon Fraser House

Yes, there are “private property” signs. These are for your protection in case we’re not open (we observe actual business hours) and you wanna traipse across the property. Just to keep us all safe, we would rather be around while you’re taking your fall selfie. But do we have to be there? Heck no! The plantation plain style architecture, sweeping Live Oaks draped in moss and a blanket of beautiful leaves make for some impressive photos.


Downtown Hinesville

Downtown Hinesville

Some of our favorite photographers, Joanna Ng and Katrina Barrow have taken some #droolworthy photos in the last year in downtown Hinesville. A burgeoning scene to be sure, it has come a long way in recent years. Downtown would be perfect for some romantic fall photos or even a cute fall sweater! To include a textured aesthetic, make sure you check out the surrounding buildings for some brick wall, fall favs!


Fleming’s Fall Market

No fall photo is complete without a classic pumpkin patch shot! This year, Fleming will be hosting their first Fall Market!  This market will host several arts and craft vendors, a pumpkin patch and local food. The fall market will take place on October 10th from 10am-5pm. Don’t miss out on this gourd-geous backdrop for fall!


Sunset at Bryant Commons

Bryant Commons

Bryant Commons is a passive park that has a long list of amenities to include a walking trail around a large pond, dog park and beautiful scenery. The beautiful grounds are also the perfect place for  a nice photo laying on some leaves! Golden hour at Bryant Commons would make for a gorgeous fall photo!


The Historic Baptismal Trail

Historic Baptismal Trail

In Riceboro, a bustling city on the east end of the county, the Historic Baptismal Trail features a beautiful boardwalk that is surrounded by nature. You can take photos near the creek, in the leaves and around the live oak trees that are covered in moss! The possibilities are endless with this destination!


With the help of these fall photo destinations in Liberty County, you will have the best Instagram photos around! Be sure to keep the destinations clean of litter while having a fall-tastic time!

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