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The Liberty County Dozen: 12 Photos to Show What Life in Liberty County is Like

We think Liberty County is the place to be. This is our home, and we love it here. We always want to show y’all what makes it so great so that you’ll come for a visit! We pulled together a dozen photos to show y’all what life is like in the place we call home.

Photo by Waylon Mckinnon

To start your morning right, you can swing by The Cozy Bean in Midway and then make your way  over to one of our many dirt roads for a drive. This photo of Cay Creek Road is the perfect place to start your relaxing drive. With the beautiful canopy trees, it’s a great way to get your morning TLC.

If you’re looking for another great spot to relax, head on over to one of our many parks. Bryant Commons is a place where you can take your kids, go for a walk and if it’s on a weekend – you may even stumble upon an event happening. The dog park is also a popular amenity, so bring your furry friends too!

Also located in Bryant Commons is the Veterans Memorial Walk. You may or may not know that Liberty County has a rich military history. It dates all the way back to the Revolutionary War! The Veterans Memorial Walk is a great place to take time to reflect and remember the lives of those who so bravely fought for our country.

Home to the 3rd Infantry Division and Fort Stewart, the largest military installation east of the Mississippi River, Liberty County takes our military history to heart by showcasing our love of our service members with this memorial.

Photo by @3rdinfantrydivision

We are so proud to have Fort Stewart as a part of our community, and we are thankful for the diversity of cultures that it has brought to our county!

We take pride in making all of our military service members and their families feel right at home. So if you’re around town and see men or women in uniform, be sure to show them some of that Liberty County hospitality!

If you’re looking for places to learn more about the history of Fort Stewart and a remembrance of those who have fallen, then you should check out Warriors Walk.

This is a place dedicated to the soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division and Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield that served in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. To honor the fallen soldiers, there is a crepe myrtle planted with a plaque with the soldier’s name and unit.

Each year around this time, an event called Wreaths for Warriors Walk is held. At this event, the families of the fallen are invited to place a wreath at their loved one’s tree. It is a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful place to walk and remember and honor those who have given their lives for us.

Photo by Joanna Ng

Liberty County is a place where we’re all family. We look at meal time as more than just sitting down to eat. It is a time when you get to gather with family and friends and talk and have a good time. The food is an added bonus!

We have a wide range of restaurants to meet the needs of all taste buds! In Liberty County you can get authentic German from Zum Rosenhoff, some of the best BBQ from Sho’Nuff, Jamaican from Negril Caribbean, Persian from Tazza and so much more! If you’re not especially hungry but you like to hang out in a cool atmosphere then you could try Split Fin Brewing, Liberty County’s first brewery or Doodles Billiards.

Photo by Bianca Croft

Liberty County is a place where you can stop and smell the roses (or sunflowers in this case). We take pride in preserving and growing natural things. Some great natural places to go visit are: Brewers Christmas Tree & Blueberry Farm and The Fleming Shortcut Farmers Market. Another fun stop is Martin Mercantile, which sells all kinds of local, handmade goodies!

Photo by Bobby Cary

One thing that Liberty County does not lack is amazing views. This photo is from the Jerico River out in Midway! We wouldn’t mind spending our Saturday out on a boat relaxing and hanging out on the water. Come join us!

Photo by Joanna Ng

Everyone likes to take the afternoon to wind down in their favorite place. Ours just happens to be on the coast. The best part about living on the water is that it’s hard to be sad or stressed when you’ve got a beautiful view like this!

South Georgia sunsets are famous, and we just happen to have some of the best. They’re beautiful no matter how you look at them, but they’re even better overlooking the water. The way that the sun reflects makes for the best photos, and we can almost guarantee you that mother nature will not disappoint!

Photo by Clay Sikes

Grab a lawn chair and invite your friends to unwind with you. When it’s cold you can even build a fire for everyone to enjoy and hangout!

Photo by John Henderson

The best part about visiting a new place is that no matter where you are, we’re all looking up at the same sky. We may be a little partial, but we still think that the best view in the world is right here in Liberty County. We know that if you give us a day or so – we can convince you too!

Come visit us and #ExploreLiberty. There is plenty to do and see for everyone, and maybe we can convince y’all to stay awhile!

Liberty County small logomark

In Liberty County, we like to say we have The Right Blend for everyone. Whether you’re visiting us for a weekend, looking to plant some roots, or working on your business dream, Liberty welcomes you with open arms and endless possibilities.

Visit Liberty County today!