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The Lost Art of the Thank You Note

At the Liberty Chamber/CVB we absolutely love to send mail. It’s a big deal for us. We always have cards in stock with our logo to send out if an occasion arises. In today’s world it seems like the art of writing, not typing, texting or messaging has been mostly lost.

Our most recently mailed card was to Luke Moses, an attorney with Jones, Osteen & Jones, who we have met a handful of times, however, regardless of how little we may know him yet, he just graduated from the State Bar of Georgia Young Lawyer’s Division Leadership Academy. This is a big accomplishment for him, his firm and our community. He makes us all look good. He needs the support of his community behind him.

We don’t just do these to say thank you for something, we also scour the Coastal Courier, Facebook and other sources to learn & know what is going on just so we get the chance to send our custom made cards to those who mean the most to us…, our community.

For super fab things that have happened or the truly tragic, we handwrite an appropriate message, sign it and snail mail it to our peeps so that they understand we really do care enough to do more than just send a text or type a Facebook message.

For us it means that the boring stuff our parents made us do never actually goes out of fashion. And also inadvertently supports scientific findings linking gratitude to increased optimism, stress reduction and a better night’s sleep. Why wouldn’t we want a happier & healthier community?

It also really helps us internally. As in our staff. Few who sit down to write a note are likely to be aware that by doing so they are on their way to becoming happier and more sociable people. What Emily Post (just Google her lol) termed good manners has all kinds of unexpected benefits.

A text message just doesn’t cut it for us. Our standards are higher. For the simple reason that conveying emotion in digital formats is a lost cause, our people mean more than 140 characters in a tweet. All of the exclamation points, ALL CAPS text messages that feel more like shouts, loaded acronyms and super chirpy emoticons cannot approach the feeling conveyed on a piece of paper with words scrawled on it by hand.

So Liberty County Chamber/CVB note recipients, know that when you are getting a card from us whether it is in congratulations, condolences, thanks or just a “hey we hope you are doing well” you should actually feel like you have a piece of us in your hand because while one may write it, and we all sign it, we all know why we are signing & it means something to us.

It tickles my funny bone every time we send a card , and I get a phone call a couple days later (um Roger Hutchinson) to ask why we sent a card. Well my friend it’s because you had a crappy week, and we wanted you to know we were thinking about you even if we don’t know everything that may be happening, we know enough to want to tell you that your Chamber/CVB cares!

Do you abhor the idea of sending mail cause who has stamps (well we do!)? There is a super cool app, Touchnote, which can send a card for you, using photos from your camera reel for as low as $2.99. For us, we love our custom made cards from VIP Office Furniture & Supply!

– Leah Poole, CEO for the Liberty County Chamber/CVB

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