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The Porches of Liberty County

Have you ever set on a swing on a hot summer evening and felt the breeze while enjoying a glass of sweet tea? That is the picture I paint in my mind every time I see a cozy southern porch. Porches are usually set up to be comfortable and inviting with a swing, chairs, plants and lots of laughter. Liberty County is a poster child for southern traditions, so it did not surprise me to find plenty of porches in the area.

No one really knows where porches were first invented and how they began. But one thing is for sure, it was definitely one of the best ideas ever. Can you imagine the South without its porches? I can’t. It is rumored that the front porch developed from a combination of European and African house design. Apparently, the design of the porch spread faster here due to the hot climate of the southern region. I can certainly see that, especially thinking of a time before air conditioning.

Historically the front porch of the house was a social place, where neighbors came to gossip, street merchants sold their goods or just a place for the family to relax. If you ask older generations, they will tell you about how the porch was the place they grew up on. A normal evening in the South meant several generations sitting together on the porch, sipping a glass of sweet tea, exchanging stories while the children were playing. The porch was an extension of the house, hosting family, friends and strangers alike, solidifying the reputation of the hospitable and friendly South even today!

The South has its own set of mysteries. If you ever have the chance to sit on a Liberty County porch look up and chances are you will see a blue ceiling. But why blue? Listening to locals, you will realize it has a lot to do with past beliefs and superstitions. People painted their porch ceiling a special kind of blue called Haint blue, which is a soft blue-green because it was believed to ward off evil spirits, also called haints. The color supposedly also helps to keep bugs and spiders away.

It does not really matter where the porch idea came from, how it developed and what color it is. Today, porches are part of what creates the famous Liberty County charm enriching the landscape and offering shelter from the sun. We hope you get up, get out & #exploreliberty today (well maybe not go on a stranger’s porch, but you know what we mean!).

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Andrea Conyers Communications Assistant Liberty County Chamber of Commerce and CVB

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