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They Thought We Were Kin To Jeffrey Dahmer


Ok no one really thought we were kin to Jeffrey Dahmer, but the title got your attention right? Ok that was the point. And there may have been a person or two who did have that thought but were too polite to speak it aloud, and I might have been one of them.

Of what do I write? Well the fact that my grandparents would drive cross country each and every summer from the time I could remember until my grandfather passed away and while part of the trip was always to see family, the other part was always to bring home enough Blue Bell Ice Cream to last our entire family until the next year when they would travel back. And my cousin Brandon could eat some ice cream.

It wasn’t until the late 1990’s that Blue Bell started selling in Georgia, so this trip was very necessary to our continued addiction. We ate nothing else as kids. And all of our birthdays and family gatherings all featured Blue Bell. You could ask for something else like Breyers (yuck), but you weren’t getting it!

So in order to bring back enough ice cream for all of us for the entire year my grandparents would take coolers & buy dry ice while there and pack as much as they could to last everyone until they went back.

And I can’t help but think that my grandfather’s old Ford probably got quite a few stares and suppositions driving cross country with huge coolers, tarped and covered in the back as that was around the same time as the infamous serial killer. Not that he would have appreciated my humor. Nor would Mam Maw, so those who know her and are reading this shhhh!

So Maw Maw is very, very proud of her Texas heritage, even though she’s lived in Georgia longer than she ever lived in Texas, but you get the drift. She is actually family (distantly) to the people who started the Blue Bell Creamery way back in 1907. Again a heritage she proudly claims. And the Bluebonnet is hands down her favorite flower next to the yellow rose because of the “Yellow Rose of Texas” old folk song (lol).

All the hullabaloo in the last year with Blue Bell and their recalls has amazingly not phased her loyalty to the ice cream brand, and she is really looking forward to their reinstatement in South Georgia, which is supposed to be on Monday!

So we’re planning an office party, complete with Blue Bell on Wednesday to celebrate its return to us here in the deep South, complete with Maw Maw, of course. She even lent us some old pics (from the 1990s) that we’re going to share on Wednesday sometime so folks can see some of that down home Texas charm that is still alive today in the hearts of the diehard fans such as Mam Maw, and now her family since she gave us that passion for Blue Bell and only Blue Bell!

We hope you join us (well not literally, we’re not buying that much ice cream!) in getting your favorite kind sometime this next week and indulging your sweet tooth!

-Leah Poole, CEO of the Liberty County Chamber & CVB

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