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Three down & many more to go

The majority of people cringe just thinking about Monday rolling around. It’s the one day of the week we really don’t even need, right? Just skip over it, move straight into Tuesday and before you know it’s Friday!

Yay! I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that’s not realistic. On a positive note, my Monday was delightful. Before I go into detail about it, Sunday night I received a text saying I was going to be the boss lady’s sous chef, making lunch for the LCCVB Board Chair. If you’re wondering what a sous chef is it’s French for “under-chef of the kitchen,” which means you rank under the head chef.

I was excited yet terrified only because I was told I’d be frying bacon. I don’t even fry bacon in my own house. I walked into work like any other day, sat down at my computer and read over my emails. One of the emails was titled “shopping list” and when I looked up our office shopper extraordinaire was standing in my doorway ready to leave. The Walmart adventure I shared with Mary was great, we had strict orders to go speed shopping and get back in a timely manner.

Once we got back to the office, we started to prepare and lay out all the yummy ingredients. We were told that we were making an Italian dish called Carbonara. Can you guess what one of the first steps was? Frying an entire 3-pound pack of bacon!

Inside I’m thinking “GREAT I’m about to die, burn this place down or cry in front of everyone because of hot grease burning me!” I’d like to announce I fried all the bacon like a pro; I conquered a secret fear in front of my boss and coworker.

We made a scrumptious lunch for City of Flemington Mayor, Sandra Martin (who is also our Board Chair) and longtime friend Terri Willett. If you ask me the Liberty County Chamber & CVB had a productive Monday, sitting down to enjoy good food and good company is a proficient way to start a busy week.

After lunch, it was time to get back to work, I helped Mary and Erin pack welcome bags for a group of people having a family reunion in Liberty County. I thought that was neat, I would have never thought to call and ask the CVB if they did welcome bags for visitors. As each day passes I learn something new about the Liberty County Chamber & CVB. The southern hospitality that Liberty County possesses is authentic, it reminds me why I’m proud to be a part of this community.

Moving along to Tuesday, I had a lot to accomplish, my to-do list consisted of 11 tasks that needed to be completed. It’s all about being productive and prioritizing to complete so much in one day. I work carefully and diligently to meet deadlines all while chugging coffee. I’m not sure what I would do without my daily coffee fix. Tuesday morning my coworker and I presented at the monthly CLIF meeting on Fort Stewart. This was the first time I’ve been around so many officers and NCOs as a civilian, at times I caught myself wanting to stand up to greet accordingly. Our presentation consisted of information on upcoming events in Liberty County. Our goal with attending this meeting was to encourage military families to get involved with the community and get the information out there, it’s a splendid way bring people together.

Afterwards we came back to the office, giving me time to work on some important tasks I needed to complete. In the midst of that I also had to practice memorizing information on the Historic Baptismal Trail in Riceboro. At our weekly staff meetings Erin and I have to present information on specific historic sites to everyone in the office, so we become familiar with local attractions and can answer questions if asked. This is great training for those phone calls that I am sure are in my future!


The rest of the week consists of ribbon cuttings, livestreaming and lunch from Chick Fil A Hinesville, as well as, setting up and hosting the Garrison Commanders Farewell event at Bryant Commons Thursday evening. I am super stoked to be a part of all of this. In just one week my title goes from program assistant, to sous chef, to bartender, to news casting! How exciting! Stay tuned for week 4 and the fun times that are sure to follow!


-Delese Garrett, Program Assistant for the Liberty County Convention & Visitors Bureau

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