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Three Liberty County Places to Explore in 2017

Drone photo of St. Catherines Island. Photo by Clay Sikes

Maybe you’ve lived in Liberty County your whole life but haven’t had the opportunity to visit some of our historic or natural sites. Maybe you’re coming to visit a loved one in the military and are looking for a unique place to visit. Perhaps your main stay is in Savannah but you’ve got a stopover in Liberty County and you want to see something off the beaten path. Our coastal community offers three rare finds that will satisfy your craving for natural beauty and historical significance.

Driftwood on St. Catherines Island Beach Photo by Leah Poole

1. St. Catherines Island-While the interior of this island is reserved for research and prohibited to the public, visitors can take a boat to the beach to enjoy it for the day. If you’re looking for some tranquility and a non-beach beach experience, this is the place. History buffs will enjoy reading about the events that took place on this island, too. About 5,000 years ago, the Guale Indians were the original occupants. After the arrival of Europeans, a Spanish mission was built on the west side of the island and later; Button Gwinnett purchased the entire island. It changed hands a few times after that, finally being transferred to the Edward John Noble Foundation. While most of the island you would have to explore virtually, services like Coastal Georgia Adventures will taxi you over to the beach. And honestly, we can’t think of a better place to spend the day.

St. Catherines Island Beach Photo by Leah Poole


View of Blackbeard Creek from Dunham Farms. Photo by Amanda Scott

2. Dunham Farms-This is an exclusive B&B in Sunbury, and your reservation guarantees sweeping views of the expansive and unspoiled salt marsh on Liberty County’s coast. Spanish moss-laden ancient oaks usher you into the landscape, where you may enjoy a gourmet meal, tour the gardens or take a guided kayak excursion. Dunham Farms is the oldest Georgia plantation that has remained in the original family. The caretakers are passionate about history and nature and plenty of both are offered during a stay there. Retreating to Dunham Farms, whether it’s for a weekend or an afternoon, is a welcome respite from the outside world.

Palmyra Barn has been turned into a charming bed and breakfast at Dunham Farms. Photo by Amanda Scott

Camellia gardens at Dunham Farms. Photo by Amanda Scott

Historical marker at the Sunbury Cemetery. Photo by Tammy Lee Bradley

3. Historic Cemeteries-buried at the Sunbury Cemetery and Midway Cemetery are some of Liberty County’s first and most famous residents. The founders of the lost town of Sunbury are interned at the peaceful Sunbury Cemetery. Internment records were not kept, but many grave-sites remain intact throughout the cemetery. Scriptures and eulogies are engraved on some of the larger tombstones and interpretive signage is posted recounting the history of this once thriving port town.
The Midway Cemetery is mostly known for its large obelisk structure in the center, dedicated to Liberty County’s famous Revolutionary War Generals James Screven and Daniel Stewart. The monument was put in place in 1915, and the Generals are laid to rest just a few steps away. Less famous, yet important tombstones stand throughout the cemetery as well. Time has crumbled and faded some, but if you take the time to read the inscriptions on the tombstones then you’ll realize how precious and fleeting life was in those days. Both cemeteries grant moments of peace and reflection to any and all visitors.

Graves of Generals James Screven & Daniel Stewart at the Midway Cemetery. Photo by Tammy Lee Bradley

These distinctive and fascinating places provide a fresh start to exploring in the New Year. And once you’ve discovered them, their essence will linger with you long after you leave.

-Amanda Scott, Program Manager for the Liberty County CVB

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