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Top 10 things we loved about the Southern C Summit

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We were lucky enough to be able to attend the Southern C Summit this past week, as alums no less! We received tons of valuable takeaways and loads of great info that was shared, so I decided to put together a list of the top 10 things we loved about this year’s event.

  1. What’s not to love about Whitney & Cheri? I mean come on! These two dynamite ladies, who truly have a passion for the South and for the businesses that shape our region, bring everything to the table every day. They ooze Southern charm, hospitality and charisma from their pores y’all! Their ability to give creatives and entrepreneurs a place to create, collaborate and connect is inspiring to say the least. #definitegirlcrush 
  2. Elizabeth Mayhew was IN THE HOUSE! Brand Editor for Draper James, Reese Witherspoon’s Southern-inspired brand, gave a great workshop that left attendees breathless with her energy and passion for what she does, as well as energized to hurry back home & get started! A monthly columnist for The Washington Post and author of her own book, we couldn’t wait to get back to Liberty County to put together a packet for her on our community! Did we mention we were the only conference attendee to be retweeted that day by Draper James? Well we were! #toocoolforschool
  3. Oh and Eddie Ross was there too! And we got our photo taken with him. And he has our branded Liberty County whiskey cubes! This uber talented design, food and decorating editor for House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living and the Food Network; is an inspiration to legions of devoted followers, ourselves included. Currently the Style Director of The Mine, he offered insights into what he does, what he looks for and an infectious joie de’vivre that left us wanting more. 
  4. I got to sit down with Brian Hart Hoffman last year, the President/Chief Creative Officer at Hoffman Media. He was a great mentor, and I learned a lot just from listening to him and the others in my group. This year I had the pleasure of meeting Brooke Bell, the VP of Culinary & Custom Content at Hoffman Media. Brooke offered real advice on managing constantly changing projects, as well as her tips, tricks & take-aways from a career in a fast-paced and busy industry. I have already implemented some of her strategies and can feel my creative juices flowing!
  5. Louise Pritchard, founder and Chief Strategist at Pritchard Volk Consulting LLC, with over 35-years experience helping clients hone their brand story, who has worked with entities like FORTUNE Magazine and Holiday Inn Worldwide, left us a written comment which said, “You are doing a great job promoting your County. Impressive. Keep it up.” #cloudninestatus
  6. The cookies & pecans….ok so a little deviation away from the people, who were all phenomenal, but can you really beat a Grey Ghost cookie? Or the cinnamon & sugar pecans from Schermer Pecans? We think not! And every time they said “take more” we were in line waiting cause you know that Mary loves her prizes, so we had to return to the office with something to share!
  7. We made great new friends with Monica Guarnaschelli, Indigomavens (creative consulting) and Stephanie Greene (Green PR). These ladies kept us in stitches and gave us new friends to call & bug with crazy ideas and off-the-wall schemes! Oh and they listened to my stories about COL Bill Grugin (RET) and his late wife, Betty Hale Grugin, for a good hour, in tears and without telling me to “shut up” so definitely keeper friends in my book!
  8. Getting to hear and meet Kim Alexander, the Digital Media Director for Garden & Gun! To say this was amazing is putting it mildly! It was great to hear from a real person, at a wildly popular magazine about how we can impress them, get story ideas to them and earn a right to be featured.
  9. And then there was Erin’s mentor, Ashley Brooke! This lady is a lifestyle blogger with tons of followers on her social media and everything started with her inability to find a job and a start in creating stationary! She has grown her “brand” into something we envy for sure. We look forward to future collabs with her as well!
  10. The ultimate conference swag bag! Where else can you go and be handed a MBGreene bag that is chock full of other cool things like custom stationary, magazines and all things Southern & fun!? And know that you can now reach out to the folks who contributed to the bag (we had tea infusers & Georgia Peach Tea included!) and ask for collaborations, ideas and thoughts. 

A bonus #11 was our booth at the Sip, Shop & Socialize! We knocked it out of the park thanks to the hard work of Erin, Mary, Claudette, Valerie, Carol, Lillian (promo product queen) and our special guest Kari! If we heard once that afternoon we heard a hundred times “we just love your booth, where is Liberty County, I have to come visit!?”

Check out our Southern C Summit 2018 gallery for photos of our booth and more!


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-Leah Poole, CEO for the Liberty County CVB & Liberty County Chamber of Commerce

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