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Top 5 Favorite Things About Fall on the Georgia Coast

Down here in coastal Georgia, we are blessed to have beautiful weather for the majority of the year. Most years during Christmas time we are able to wear shorts! This means that we don’t necessarily experience the changing of the leaves and crisp chilliness that people up north get. We do have a couple chillier months in January and February, but nothing compared to what people slightly north of us such as Atlanta experience. What we do have is well worth the trade-off! Here are 5 great things about fall on the Georgia coast:

1. Shrimp season! Although the official start of fall is in September, the shrimp are typically too small to make a trip worthwhile. Give ‘em until the second week of October, and you’ll be good to go! Make sure you’re familiar with the laws and get all required permits and/or licenses before shrimping. There’s nothing better than fresh caught Georgia shrimp on the grill after spending the afternoon out on the boat raking them in!

2. Riding on a boat! Yes, we have done this all spring and summer, but there’s something different about riding on a boat in the fall. You can throw on a long-sleeved shirt and head out on the water! The marsh grass changes ever so slightly and there is a ton of bird watching to do as they migrate from the north for the winter. Fall is great weather to hike around and explore, or even lounge in a hammock!

3. Bonfires! Even though it’s not super chilly outside, it’s chilly enough to have bonfires with some neighbors or close friends. You can pull out a guitar or even enjoy the quiet stillness that fall brings. Sit back, relax and enjoy that beautiful coastal sunset while being warmed by a beautiful fall bonfire.

4. Hunting season! Right after the first of September, bow season for deer comes in. Around the second week of October, firearm season for deer and other game starts. This means hunters are headed out to stock the freezers! There’s nothing like freshly processed wild game to make you appreciate how our ancestors survived, appreciate our heritage and the bonding that is created from this traditional pasttime we have in the south.

5. Low country boils! Yes, it is finally that time! You can catch your own shrimp, grab some potatoes, corn and onions from the farmers market, buy some sausage and Old Bay from the grocery store, grab a pot and some friends and you’re good to go! Add some crabs that you caught on the coast, and you won’t want to stop eating!

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