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Top 5 things I’ve learned since day 1…

  1. Carrying 40+ pound boxes, tables and chairs upstairs isn’t as easy as you think. I didn’t realize how much of a workout it is to walk up 19 steps (yes, I went and counted them) in heels, toting heavy items. I’m not complaining though; my legs look great!!


2. How important it is to smile. Over the last month, I have learned that it’s crucial to smile whether you’re talking on the phone, talking to someone in person or even just standing around at public events/workshops. I leave work some days with my face hurting due to smiling so much. Seems to affect everyone though, so it must be normal! Sometimes I forget to smile, I’m working on it though! I’ve never been one to smile a lot, I tend to keep the same expression on my face constantly. My co-workers have joked with me about putting Vaseline on my teeth to ensure I smile when leaving the office (I may or may not have a jar of it on my desk, like everyone here as a reminder).

3. Keeping a good snack stash is a MUST! You can’t work effectively if you’re hungry. I’ve always struggled with remembering to eat when I get consumed with a task. I just don’t think about it; my mind is focused on whatever I am working on. I also don’t care for the normal three meals a day thing, I try eating 5-7 small snacks throughout the day. Mostly healthy snacks of course (i.e., Twix, Hershey kisses, oatmeal, Nature Valley granola bars, breakfast bars, crackers, chips, the little tuna fish salad lunches)! But I’ve learned it also attracts attention from co-workers, they will come visit me when they’re hungry or just craving something. That’s always a nice time to chat and make sure their day is going good. And if it isn’t, it gives me a chance to say some encouraging words to make their day a little better.


4. Never underestimate Felicia. I went upstairs one day to use the restroom, when I walked in I shut the door and BAM! Felicia is just staring at me. Probably doesn’t help that her food and water is up there. Poor cat probably thought I was going to take it. LOL! She always scares me, I forget that she’s here sometimes because she’s always with Mary and Claudette in their office. Oh yeah, if you don’t know who Felicia is, she is our house cat, adopted from Carpathia Paws! The LCCOC & LCCVB thought we needed a pet to make our office even more welcoming. Felicia is such a fun and loving cat. And Felicia doesn’t care for being locked up during events, like the Water Slide Party, but she’s tucked away regardless. And the best part, when we leave we can all holler, “Bye Felicia!”

5. Don’t ever get comfortable. Just because one or two days are going smooth in the office doesn’t mean the third day is going to be like that. There are never two days alike. We do office work, set up venues for events, go kayaking, host awesome block parties for the community and so much more. Today I went to my first Keep Liberty Beautiful (KLB) meeting. KLB is an affiliate of the national organization, Keep America Beautiful. The KLB organization strives to maintain and make improvements throughout Liberty County. At today’s meeting as a bonus all the attendees received new promo items. How awesome is that? Of course, as you probably guessed Ms. Charm beat me to it! But that’s okay… it’s game on Ms. Charm, GAME ON! As you can see, you never know what we may do next.



-Delese Garrett, Program Assistant for the Liberty County CVB

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