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Toss the Salad! Liberty County’s Best Healthy Eats

It’s easy to find comfort food, BBQ and anything that has the word “fried” in front of it down here in the South, but what about our residents & visitors who prefer vegan or vegetarian options? Well, we have those too! We mean it when we say, “Liberty County has the Right Blend for everyone.” Scroll down to read about our 3 best healthy eats here in Liberty County!


1. Farmer’s Natural Foods

Farmer’s Natural Foods is a perfect healthy option for two reasons: they are an organic grocery store and they have a vegan café. Breaking from the traditional eateries, Farmer’s Café offers specialty smoothies, refreshing juices and breakfast & lunch is served during the week! Their food is non-GMO, organic and delicious as all-get-out. We recommend going on Vegan Spaghetti Thursday or Vegan Taco Tuesday!




2. Tazza Kabob Grillhouse

Now, Tazza isn’t strictly vegetarian but they do have a nice selection of vegetarian cuisine. This Persian/Afghan fusion restaurant knows how to pack a punch with flavor! Their falafels with beans meal is literally to die for. You can’t go wrong with their eggplant, rice, salad or our favorite: their naan bread. Make sure you visit on an empty stomach because once you smell that food, it’ll be hard to say ‘no’!

Photo by The Healthy Spot



3. The Healthy Spot

Newer to our health scene is The Healthy Spot. This trendy health food café sells vegetarian shakes, energizing teas, protein coffee and more! Their energizing teas are so visually pleasing, you’ll want to take pics of them instead of drinking them! Did we mention they have a kid’s menu that’s just as fun as the adult menu?? We recommend the gorgeous & delicious Rainbow Mega Tea.






Now that you know about our amazing health scene, we encourage y’all to take advantage of it! Liberty County is unique, inclusive and forever growing with our amazing shops, restaurants and attractions. If you’re looking for some more of our flavorful restaurants, go read our Cultural Cuisines Guide or our Seafood Dishes Worth Travelling For.

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In Liberty County, we like to say we have The Right Blend for everyone. Whether you’re visiting us for a weekend, looking to plant some roots, or working on your business dream, Liberty welcomes you with open arms and endless possibilities.

Visit Liberty County today!