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Unwind in Liberty County with Four Simple Outdoor Activities

Believe it or not, autumn is here! Crisp mornings and breezy afternoons are just the first welcome signs of the new season. Some are slowly getting back into familiar routines, while others are still content with home offices and Zoom meetings. No matter which group you fall into, after months of isolation, many of us are looking for fun and simple outdoor activities to get out and get some fresh air.

Studies show that children should be outside for 4 to 6 hours every day. Even adults need at least 30 minutes of sunlight per day to support adequate vitamin D levels. Understandably, this seems a tad daunting during the era of social distancing. However, lower temperatures can make it a little easier to get outdoors, run, hike and explore. If you are looking to make the best of these autumn afternoons, take a look at 4 effortless outdoor activities you can enjoy with your friends, family, or on your own!

Relax with a Picnic in a Park

Although they seem a little old-fashioned, picnics can still be a lot of fun. Pack your favorite snacks, put some drinks in a cooler, grab your comfiest blankets (and your furry friends!) and head out to Bryant Commons. There is plenty of space to fly a kite or start a game of cornhole with a few friends. You can also take a scenic walk around the lake before you leave to burn some of those new calories. You may even decide to visit a few other picnic-friendly parks in Liberty County.

Photo Courtesy of Leah Poole

Plan a Peaceful Fishing Trip

There are some great places to catch a few fish here in Liberty County.

  • Eve Park, featuring a nearby playground and screened-in picnic tables, is a lovely place to bring the entire family for some fishing on Colonel’s Island. Location: 234 Azalea Road, Midway
  • Jones Creek Park is a hidden gem on the Isle of Wight. The park includes a public landing for small boats, a fishing area, a playground and sheltered seating for twenty. It’s a picture-perfect spot to spend the day, whether you go out onto the water or stay on the shore. Location: 2059 Isle of Wight Road, Midway
  • Sunbury Boat Ramp has a newly renovated fishing pier, as well as a boat ramp so you can enjoy fishing on land or on water. Located right in the heart of Sunbury, this spot will give you an unforgettable fishing experience. If you are lucky you may spot a few migratory dolphins swimming up and down Blackbeard Creek. Location: 2977 Ft Morris Rd, Midway

Photo Courtesy of Leah Poole

Visit Cay Creek Wetlands Interpretive Center

If you’re a nature-lover, then Cay Creek is the place for you! Fresh and saltwater wetlands and the diverse landscape of trees and foliage make this location picturesque and peaceful. The area is also home to numerous species of animals, including birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. You can enjoy the park’s natural elegance with an easy stroll along the boardwalk. Before you leave, be sure to stop by the 15-foot watchtower for one last picture of the gorgeous view.

Photo Courtesy of Saul Reyes

Stroll Along the Historic Baptismal Trail

A historic trail in Riceboro, this nature walk is one we have fallen in love with. The path was once the trail taken by African Americans to be baptized into the Christian faith as early as the 1840s. It was an active holy place for the local First African Baptist Church until 100 years later in the 1940s. Now the site features a short walking trail perfect for an evening stroll. Head out to the boardwalk and you’ll still feel the sense of reverence the ancestors of our Geechee communities felt.

Photo Courtesy of Leah Poole

After a long day of outdoor activities, recreation and sightseeing, you’ll definitely want to check out some local eateries to refuel before you head back home!

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