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Various Reasons to Love our Finance and Operations Manager

Working in finance requires a tremendous amount of skill and attention to detail. Although the job can be difficult and sometimes a little tedious our Finance and Operations Manager Valerie Andrews knows her stuff!


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Valerie not only manages the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce and the Convention & Visitors Bureau finances, but she also handles the day to day operations of our organization. Cutting checks, balancing checkbooks and processing credit card transactions are just a few of the things she does. She first learned of her love for financial management back in January 2017 when she started working for the chamber. “The nerd in me just loves crunching numbers, but I also really enjoy being active in the community,” said Valerie. She loves engaging with the community, especially around the holidays. Her all-time favorite event the Chamber hosts is the Christmas parade. She has participated in the planning and execution of three, soon to be four Christmas parades. “There are so many small pieces that make up the parade but seeing it all come together in the end and knowing that I was a part of making it happen is so rewarding,” said Valerie.

Valerie is a Georgia native; born in Covington she has lived in multiple cities but has made Hinesville her home. She lives with her husband, Quincy Andrews and their three children Tai’yon, Roman and Arya. The whole house enjoys caring for their three Tiger Oscar fish. Tiger Oscars are carnivorous so they are quick and feisty, needing to eat other fish and not just traditional fish food to stay healthy.  When she’s not caring for her children or fish you can find her curled up with a good suspense novel or cooking up something delicious in the kitchen.

The Chamber is so thankful to have such a hard worker like Valerie on board! We hope you think she’s as awesome as we do! If you would like to speak with Valerie or have any questions you can email her at

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