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Visit Geechee Kunda & experience the Gullah Geechee

Liberty County is not your average place to live. Even longtime residents do not always realize how culturally rich this county is. There are numerous sites to be visited and plenty of stories to be heard. Behind every corner awaits a new and astonishing historical fact. One of the more unknown places is the Geechee Kunda Cultural Arts Center in Riceboro on the east end of our beautiful county!

This historic location seeks to preserve and teach the Gullah Geechee culture that has been present here since the 1700s. The Geechee Kunda Center is located in Riceboro on the grounds of a past rice and indigo plantation, presenting a wide variety of artifacts to its visitors. Exploring this unusual site will not only please the eye but will appeal to all your senses. Not your average museum, they also offer events, demonstrations, feature local artists, singers, shouters and showcase the everyday life of the Geechee Gullah people, some of these items on request only of course.

The Gullah Geechee culture itself sprung from the descendants of Central and West Africans who were enslaved along the coastline, reaching from North Carolina to Florida. Today this area is known as the Gullah Geechee Corridor. The subsequent culture is a melting pot in itself, combining different African languages, customs, arts and cuisine.

This has resulted in an incredible mix of languages which developed as a way to simplify communication. Also, what we perceive today as traditional arts and crafts often developed from the needs of everyday life like the colorful quilts mimicking traditional African arrangements. If we take a closer look we will recognize components of what is known today as southern cooking as a reflection of African cooking and seasoning methods passed down through the generations.

The Geechee Kunda Cultural Center is determined to keep the Gullah Geechee culture alive in Liberty County. This initiative will allow future generations an intricate view of a still very much alive culture.  One way of preserving and displaying its traditions is through planned events and showcases. The center organizes and entertains annual events such as the Sugarcane Harvest & Craft Show that is coming up soon.

We are also happy to have the Sankofa African American Heritage Trail of East Liberty County that is seeking to preserve and teach the ways of the Geechee culture.


Upcoming events where you can experience & learn all about this culture:

Tuesday, Oct 9, African American Geechee Heritage Trail Presentation

4:30 pm Liberty County Historical Society

101 Commerce St, Hinesville, GA

Hosted by: Sankofa African American Heritage Trail of East Liberty Count


Wednesday, Oct 31, African American Geechee Stories from the Grave

7pm Midway First Presbyterian Church Cemetery

672 N. Coastal HWY, Midway, GA

Hosted by: Sankofa African American Heritage Trail of East Liberty County


Nov 24th, 2018 14th Annual Sugarcane Harvest & Craft Show


Geechee Kunda Cultural Arts Center & Museum

622 Ways Temple Rd, Riceboro

Hosted by: Geechee Kunda Cultural Art Center


Liberty County is a memorable place to be. Come out and retrace the steps of the past or simply #exploreliberty.


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Andrea Conyers Communications Assistant Liberty County Chamber of Commerce and CVB

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