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Volunteering in Liberty County

Volunteering in a local community is one of many key factors for a community to thrive. In this week’s blog we are going to go over the benefits of volunteer work for organizations and businesses, how volunteer work caters to specific parts of a community like the educational system, and what volunteer work can do for you as a person.




Volunteering within your community no doubt has its benefits. Things such as cleaning up litter, helping at local non profit organizations and even participating in community created events are all forms of volunteering. When individuals do volunteer work for local organizations specifically though, they have the most impact within their community. If large numbers of people help non-profit organizations within their communities (even with small-scaled events). They allow for the organizations to grow and benefit.


Saving Time and Money


By giving the organization extra help, they save a bit of time and money that can be put towards helping other local organizations and/or allowing themselves to enlarge as a whole. When citizens buy whatever it is the business/organization sells or make a donation, they too spend money and pay taxes which also helps benefit the economy. These taxes are collected by the government which often go towards improving things such as educational systems and things like parks in communities. These things of course are essential to maintain.


Ripple Effect


As I often say, everything has a ripple effect. To quickly brief you on what the ripple effect is, it is a scientific theory that every decision or action leads to future decisions or actions. When some volunteer, they allow benefits for their communities to occur in the future. This is exactly why volunteering is so important and why it is encouraged so often. So I say you should get out there to volunteer right now! Some great local places to volunteer are the United Way here in Liberty County, you can reach them a 912.368.4282. They always need help with their Backpack Buddies program. Another favorite is Keep Liberty Beautiful. You can reach them at 912.880.4888.

Guest Blogger: Gabe Alvarado

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