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Ways to Avoid Holidays Stress in Liberty County!

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Holiday season has arrived! For lots of people that can also mean the busiest time of the year is here. It’s the time of year when the to-do list becomes never-ending. We have to attend holiday parties, the cooking seems to go one forever, decorating the house, shopping for loved ones and then also cleaning the house and so much more! The holiday season is notorious for leaving people drained of all energy. But what can you do to avoid such a mess? Here are some suggestions that may help.


  • Exercise

This may sound crazy but it works. I know time is of the essence when you have so much to prepare. Nonetheless, it is important to give your body some kind of an outlet and in this case, exercise. Our area has plenty of places for you to workout, even after hours, like Planet Fitness, 24/7 Fitness or the YMCA. You will feel much more relaxed and happy after a good workout.



  • Meditation/Relaxation

Just like exercising, meditation gives your body and mind the chance to relieve some of the stress and anxiety built up by an overly stuffed schedule.  Just a few minutes of peace and relaxation can do wonders for your mental and physical health. The good thing is, you don’t have to do any crazy stuff, just sit down with a book at one of our two branches of Live Oak Public Library (Hinesville or Midway) or sit down on a park bench in Bradwell Park and take a few deep breaths.




  • Walks

The weather in Liberty County is beautiful at the moment. Why not go outside? Take a few minutes out of the day for a little stroll through Bryant Commons. While you’re at it, take the kids to the playground and the dog to the doggie park. They will all go right to sleep at night, which in return will give you a few extra minutes to get some things done.


  • Eat Well

Now this I know is a challenge. When I’m running around the last thing I want to think about is healthy food. You will be surprised how easy it is to eat better if you make a more conscious effort. All the junk food will drag your body down and make getting things done harder. Don’t start a diet but choose your food wisely for more energy. Check out some of the healthy options at our local Chick-fil-A Hinesville or the newly remodeled McDonald’s on Hwy 84, and that will be fast too!



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  • Ask for help

This may be my biggest problem of all. We are so used to doing everything ourselves that we forget to ask for help. How about doing just that. Ask your spouse, parents or friends to watch the kids for a few hours while you go downtown Hinesville to finish your Christmas shopping at Shop Small Saturday!

All-in-all the holiday season is a fun time. So make sure to leave room for yourself. After all the holidays are coming with or without that perfectly decorated tree or house. So don’t forget to get up, get out and leave some time to #exploreliberty.



Andrea Conyers Communications Assistant Liberty County Chamber of Commerce and CVB

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