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Ways Tourism Impacts Different Aspects of Your Life

It’s National Travel & Tourism Week y’all! Every year in May we take time out of our day to celebrate our local tourism partners and travelers from near and far. This year we have lots of activities planned for our local hoteliers, friends and followers. This week, which is May 5th-11th, we are visiting some of our dearest supporters without whom we could not do what we do here at the Liberty County Convention and Visitors Bureau.


We are also going to reveal our 2019 t-shirt design on Thursday evening on the Explore Liberty Facebook page (don’t forget to follow us on our social media platforms for a chance to win one). The reason why we are making such a big deal about this weeks is the magnitude with which tourism affects every aspect of our lives here in Liberty County. One way or another tourism has affected your life as well.


But first some fun facts. In 2018 tourism and travel sustained 607 jobs, brought in $15.6 million in payroll and generated $2.65 million in revenue for Liberty County. That sounds great, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, you profit from this industry as well no matter if you work in a related field or not. The revenue brought in by the tourism industry also produces tax revenue, a total $3.65 million to be exact that allowed for a $373 tax savings per household in 2018. Tourism earned you money and you did not have to lift a finger.


Every year the tourism industry in our county is growing and developing further. The dollars spent in our county have an impact on all of us. Just think of the economic growth Liberty County has experienced over the last decade or so. There is a steady wave of new stores and restaurants and with that comes a steady stream of jobs that are being created.


All the new-found wealth is attracting new people into our area who are bringing new ideas and new investments. People are finally realizing what we knew all along, our beautiful county is a very desirable place to live.



–    Increased revenue will allow for a bigger budget for the school system, which in return will allow for better equipment to be bought and more staff to be hired. What better impact to have than giving our children the best education possible.


–    Our County is growing steadily, giving us new options to shop or go out to eat. It definitely improves our quality of life, and we don’t have to take a long drive just for a good meal.


–    With all the new visitors, our neighbors can venture out into the business world and start a new business or expand an existing one. The newly found variety is definitely a win-win for us.


–    With such a booming economy, our county will attract more industry that needs a qualified workforce. The demand for such a workforce meets the needs of colleges that now want to open here. It gives us instant access to higher education and as a bonus, we can keep the little ones for a few years longer.


–    With all this growth, new people and opportunities, there are also more events being planned and life become much more fun locally without having to travel very far. Instant entertainment y’all!


–    Our main source of tourism at this moment is Fort Stewart. As the installation grows, so do we as a county. Having such wonderful neighbors is a benefit for us all. The real winners here are our amazing historic sites which now get an increased number of visitors and income to develop and maintain themselves to help keep our history alive.


Last but not least, tourism impacts our community through our office. The marketing for Liberty County is done by us, the Liberty County Convention & Visitors Bureau. Together with the Liberty Chamber, we’re an office of six and we are working hard to attract new and returning travelers to Liberty County. We appreciate our community for entrusting us with such a special job, telling the tale of Liberty County is a true joy for us, and we love this place called home!


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