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We are a 6C Chamber, going on year #42

A question that I feel like I answer a lot is, “what is a chamber of commerce?” My immediate response is “what do you think a chamber is” and the answers are always amusing, if not downright wrong. A lot have said they think of influential people in suits and ties sitting around fancy tables determining the fate of the county. They think of nice parties, business card exchanges, big business and even bigger scissors. Some people think it’s too expensive (without knowing a price), unnecessary and/or a scam.

As someone known for being frank, let me take the liberty of telling you now that as someone who jumps at the chance to take pride in and talk about our partners of our community, we are often bad at educating those who indirectly benefit from our organization about what exactly it is that we do. It’s not that we don’t know how to market ourselves, we do, we just don’t. A result of this is that people who have not experienced our organization from the inside often have misconceptions about what we do and why we exist. And why we have existed in Liberty County for 41 years as of May 2017.

We most often get people walking in the door or calling because they think a Chamber only hosts ribbon cuttings, and they must come to us for that purpose. Once they’re in the door and listen to the plethora of things we actually do they typically leave with a much better understanding of what we accomplish above and beyond helping host that one ribbon cutting.

Your Chamber is interested in taking on problems that keep you up at night. We listen more than we talk to identify and fill the needs that our business and community partners may have. We serve as your platform for discussion on key issues because a prosperous environment in Liberty County is a win-win for everyone. We are a resource for solving challenges and needs that our members may have. No problem is too big or too small.

Our workforce is one of our most valuable assets. We are an engine for economic development by helping fill jobs through developing, attracting and retaining a qualified workforce. Can you say Work Ready!

We are the premier leadership development organization in Liberty County. We help develop community leaders through character development programming, mentorship, professional development training, civic awareness and engagement opportunities. We will graduate our 14th class of Leadership Liberty in June 2018 and our 12th class of Young Adult Liberty Leaders in May 2018.

We have 500+- members, these are our business and community partners, both large and small. We are the unified pro-business voice working alongside local, state and federal government officials to ensure a business-friendly and supportive climate for new business and entrepreneurial growth and expansion.

We understand that success comes from being a recognized brand to your customers. We are your one-stop comprehensive resource, your access to qualified local leaders, future customers & referrals and the starting point for executing your marketing strategy. Or even creating that strategy! Whether it’s networking events, thousands of referrals, our Member to Member program, website tools, fostering partnerships between business and non-profits or connecting our members through social media, we align you with who you need to do business with every day.

Whether its workshops, quarterly employer roundtables, professional development opportunities or entrepreneurial and start-up assistance, we will provide you with the information you need to succeed. We strive to provide educational opportunities that make our businesses more informed and more prepared to address the challenges of the day.

We are not political. We do not endorse or host political candidates. We don’t care about your politics, we just want a successful, cohesive community that works together for the common good and that is for every person regardless of party affiliation.

We are a friend, a sounding board, a gathering point and the hub for business, government and educational partnerships. We are inclusive, celebrating diversity and welcoming new ideas and innovation. Having done the math recently, 52% of our membership is owned/operated by a minority.

We are your 6C Chamber.

We are your 6C Chamber. We are catalysts, conveners, champions, collaborators, cheerleaders and connectors. We are successful because we step up to the plate every time to the greatest challenges that our community faces. While we work closely with local government, we are not part of government, although many consider the process of influencing public policy to recognize the needs of the business community to be one of our most important functions.

Peace of mind for us doesn’t always come easy. It takes a staff committed to the core values we have adopted to run this organization every day. As well as a dedicated board of directors to steer, lead and guide the organization in the right direction. Our board of directors plans, implements and works hard year in and year out to ensure that our business and community partners are receiving, not only the best value for their investment, but the highest success rate for Liberty County overall.

That’s what a Chamber is and that’s what your Chamber is…..6C going on year #42.


-Leah Poole, CEO for the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce & CVB

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