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We’ve Got Two Words for Y’all: Grillin’ Season

It’s grillin’ season here in Liberty County! Well…every season is grillin’ season down here on the coast, given our nice year-round weather. But Spring & Summer are the seasons of grillin’ nonetheless!

The first thing to do is to stop by Harris Ace Hardware and grab yourself a Traeger grill. There are so many to choose from as well as grill covers, and don’t forget the bells and whistles like tongs, a spatula, foil and a tacky grillin’ apron of your choice. These items are essential for having the best grillin’ season. Oh, and don’t forget your Right Blend koozie!! Don’t have one? Stop by our office and get one, we have both bottle and can koozies!

Veggies are always a must-have for grillin’ season. Corn, squash, peppers and onions are just a few veggies that taste great right off the grill, all of which can be purchased at the Fleming Farmers Market! This is the perfect place to grab fresh and local fruits & veggies. Grab yourself some peaches too for that famous cobbler your guests crave! Don’t know how to make peach cobbler? No sweat! We have a quick and delicious recipe already.

Photo by Billy Joe Nelson

Okay, now that you have your grill and sides, it’s time to get your main course from the Walthourville Meat Market. From ribs and burgers to fish and steaks, the Walthourville Meat Market’s got you covered! They also sell a bunch spices for that delicious rub recipe you saved on Pinterest that’ll have your guests droolin’ before they even taste your masterpiece!

Next, head across the street to Bootleggers and stock up on grillin’ fuel: beer. Or ingredients for a cocktail like our sangria recipe! This is just the thing to beat that summer heat and your guests will thank you for this refreshing & fun summer drink!

Bootleggers also has a drive-thru option for those in a hurry to get started on cooking dinner. Fun fact about Bootleggers: they sell ice. How convenient! From games to popsicles, Bootleggers is a one-stop shop for a great grillin’ season!

Want a non-alcoholic drink? Check out our sun tea recipe that embraces the hot summer sun but is oh so forgiving when iced down in a glass. Throw in a couple peach slices and you’re good-to-go!

You’ll be sure to ‘wow’ your guests with this epic grillin’ season guide. Remember to have fun, drink responsibly and use #exploreliberty to show off y’all’s Liberty County pride!

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