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What I have learned about the Liberty CVB in week two.

Just when you think you’re starting to figure out this thing called “life,” a curve ball is thrown at you. Recently, I’ve learned that only YOU can allow this to dictate how you handle the situation that’s occurring. I’ve been working for the Liberty County Convention & Visitors Bureau (LCCVB) for two weeks now, before I was in the Army. Talk about DIFFERENT! In this week’s blog, I thought I would give you a side-by-side list of those differences just to show you where the duality of both roles has both impressed and been confusing!

Army Liberty CVB
Wake up, get dressed, do PT Wake up, get dressed, chug coffee
Change, get in formation, stand at attention Show up, chug more coffee, type lots of words
Eat chow, rifle range, formation Eat lunch, talk to visitors, caffeine
Training, field exercises Board meeting, committee meeting, council meeting, meeting, meeting, meeting, meeting
TDY Travel shows, welcome committees
Go home, go to sleep, repeat Go home, avidly scour the internet for new creative ideas, possible tour groups, feed the kids, kayak to clear my head, talk to my family, search the internet some more, go to bed, repeat

So, I think you’re getting the picture. One is very routine oriented and the other is very go with the flow. Yes, there are goals and deadlines, but if someone walks in the door of the Liberty Chamber/CVB we have to drop those obligations to say “hey y’all” and still be able to go back to the task at hand, complete it on deadline, at cost & focus.

When you get accustomed to a particular thing, inevitably you get comfortable without even realizing it. Going from the Army to what I am doing now is different. Casual conversation, like what I was expected to do Monday morning, with 120 bikers about what to do in Liberty County is something new for me. The opportunity to take part in things like welcoming motorcyclists, speaking to small or large groups and interacting with elected officials is something new to me. I read recently that you only get one chance to make a first impression, therefore, the way you speak and write is very important to make sure you sound professional.

No one is harder on me than me. This is a new experience all the way around, very subject to change on a daily basis for someone who not only has a love of learning, but is also used to routine and constant direction. The opportunity to create, be more independent at work and craft my own priorities is both new and scary. I love this job and everything that goes along with it. It wasn’t until I came across two quotes that made me realize what was going on. The quotes are:

  • “Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new” – Brian Tracey
  • “It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you, if you allow it.” – Leon Brown

I have a lot to learn, however, as a lifelong Liberty County resident with a true love for this placed called Home, I know that I am the right person for the job. I have definitely learned in the last two weeks that if you love what you do that shines through. If you do not that also shows.


After all of that, I’ve learned that starting a new job isn’t always what you expect. I got a reality check quickly on what areas I have to work on. My way of moving forward was letting go of my pride and admitting I needed help adjusting and communicating with my team. I have really taken an interest in all of the things that the ladies at the Liberty Chamber/CVB do, I never knew how much these organizations do in this community. Truly I don’t think there’s anything that they are not involved in. Therefore, it motivates me even more to strengthen the areas I am weak in. I work with six amazing women, and I am thankful to have a job that I really enjoy, as well as having such a supportive team. Being in a work place with people that care and want each other to excel is a powerful thing.


Delese Garrett, Program Assistant for the Liberty County Convention & Visitors Bureau

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