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Liberty College & Career Academy Explained

Getting ahead and staying ahead is necessary in today’s world. However, here in Liberty County, we recognize the challenges our children face when it comes to education and joining the workforce. The Liberty County School System, along with various community partners, established the Liberty College & Career Academy (LCCA) where students can learn valuable trade skills and get a jump start on their college career. In this blog we want to take a closer look at LCCA and show you the benefits thereof.

What is Liberty College & Career Academy?

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Created by a start-up charter under the Georgia Charter Schools Act, LCCA operates with the consultation of an Advisory Board of Directors that meets quarterly under the supervision of the Liberty County School System in collaboration with Savannah Technical College, the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce and the Liberty County Development Authority. The mission of LCCA is to provide all students in our high schools with opportunities to complete career pathways. while at the same time pursuing technical certificates of credit and industry credentials that will enable them to obtain meaningful employment at a real wage at the end of their high school experience.

Benefits of LCCA for students

  • Competitive Employment Acquisition Skills Training: Associates participate in training in successful resume completion, job application completion and practice interviews with actual HR professionals from the community.
  • Dual Enrollment Opportunities: Participation in technical college-level coursework is available for qualifying associates in aircraft support, manufacturing, criminal justice, cosmetology, barbering, automotive, welding and the “college core”. This coursework typically earns the associate a technical college credential upon high school graduation, credit applicable to the high school diploma and may even count as credit in Georgia’s university system at no cost to the student.
  • Field Experience Opportunities. LCCA associates will participate in a wide variety of experiences to enhance their career studies.
  • Transition Guidance & Advisement: Junior and senior associates will participate in small-group advisement sessions discussing local, regional, technical and four-year college information is provided; applying for HOPE Grant and HOPE Scholarship information is given.

Community involvement for success

Economic Development for Educators, organized by the Liberty County School System, the Liberty County Development Authority and the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce, is designed to increase the pipeline of potential employees for local business. It also aims to make educators, and thus their students, aware of careers available in the county.

Karisa Young, CEO of LCCA said, “After researching the success of the program initiated by the Savannah Economic Development Authority and the Savannah/Chatham County School System, we were inspired to ask our valued community partners to consider embarking on a similar version for Liberty County educators. An immediate response to help however they could has allowed us to fast track this program for our local educators so that they, and our students, receive the best possible information and education, as well as our continuing ability to be a resource in economic development for our community.”

Program objectives include:

  • Strengthening and growing the relationships between the LCSS/LCCA and local employers with the goal of opening lines of communication. Also laying the groundwork for meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Showcase the lesser known and unique employers, occupations and industries to expand LCSC/LCCA staff’s knowledge of the local economy.
  • Provide experiential learning that allows educators to better understand economic development and their role within it. Also provide opportunities available for students when working for local employers.
  • Improve the local workforce pipeline by ensuring that those who have direct access to students (principals, teachers, counselors, etc.). Understand the needs of employers and the opportunities available for students before and after graduation.

Recent student achievement

Photo of a Telly Award


This past summer students in the Audio & Video Technology & Film Pathway earned a bronze Telly Award in the Non-Broadcast General-Education category for their submission, LCCA Panther Football Hype Video. According to the Telly Award website they receive over 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 5 continents. Telly Award winners represent work from some of the most respected advertising agencies. These range from television stations, production companies and publishers from around the world. The Telly Award recognizes work that is created on the behalf of a client. You can also submit work for a specific brand/company or self-directed as a creative endeavor. LCCA said it was a huge accomplishment for the program to earn this award in just its first year.

Where can we reach you?

You can learn more about the Liberty College & Career Academy by visiting their website here. Students can also talk with their school counselor about any questions they have or to sign up. And you can follow them on Facebook by clicking here.

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