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What is the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce

Being a Member of the Chamber of Commerce

Being a member of the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce certainly has its benefits. A membership with the organization grants your business exclusive access to certain events, products and more. In this week’s blog, we are going to take a deeper look at what being a member with the chamber is like and how it benefits businesses in our county.

An example of a dedicated and helpful chamber member in Liberty County is VIP Promotional Products. They are a business located in Hinesville that is heavily involved with the Chamber. Their business’ purpose is to provide custom products, made with your logo or messaging. And they do just that for the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce too. VIP Promotional Products provides products such as masks, cups, and other promotional items for the Chamber and the Liberty CVB. The business is promoted by the chamber and is highly recommended as the go-to option within their specific industry.

VIP Promotional Products is advertised and recommended by the chamber. This does not mean they have to provide items to be advertised and supported by the chamber, but it just goes to show the return on their investment. Being a chamber member definitely supports the business and allows it to grow. This is done by the simple fact that advertising and promotion is bound to grab someone’s attention, making the company more prosperous. The advertising and promotion I am describing is being done within this blog right now! These benefits do not just occur for VIP Promotional Products only though. Every business that joins the chamber benefits in some way, shape or form. Whether it’s from social interactions with other businesses, recommendations, public advertising or some other form of marketing. The chamber allows businesses to expand and become something more.

What the Chamber Does

I believe it is important to understand what the chamber does and what effect they have on our beautiful county in southeast Georgia. The chamber supports the county’s economy and business development. These two factors alone are crucial for any one person’s lifestyle here. Without the chamber, there would be much disorganization and a less beneficial economy in the county. A less beneficial economy degrades the overall purpose of businesses. So get out there and support your local Chamber of Commerce right now!

Guest blogger: Gabe Alvarado

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