What you need to know about the final debris removal in Liberty County

The following is a synopsis of memos released by the City of Hinesville detailing what is their responsibility and what is the responsibility of their debris removal contractor, CrowderGulf, for final pickup opportunities.

Here is a quick summary of all three memos:

  1. CrowderGulf is set to conduct their 3rd round of debris pick up in Liberty County after Thanksgiving. They will then do a final pick up in the county beginning December 12th.
  2. It’s important for property owners who have not yet set their tree and limb debris on the curbside of their property to do so as soon as possible. After December 12th, when CrowderGulf does its last round of debris pick up, any tree or limb debris removal costs will be the responsibility of the property owner.
  3. Also, please be aware that neither CrowderGulf, nor the City’s public works department, will be picking up debris from building repairs, including repairs done as a result of Hurricane Matthew. The removal and disposal of building repair debris is at the expense of the property owner or contractor.

We have come a long way since Hurricane Matthew and we appreciate the City and the County for their work in coordinating the clean-up in our community.


Happy Holidays!

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