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Where did that come from?

Chamber/CVB work has its ups and downs. It’s overwhelming, challenging, stressful, fun, inspiring, satisfying and some days never done! As a Chamber/CVB we collect some of the weirdest items that somehow creep into our inventory, vehicles or offices. I thought I would share some of these oddities and how they came to become a part of our permanent collection in case you stop by to see us and wonder if we’re off our rockers!

  1. A roll of turquoise & purple spotted leopard duct tape. This one I’m really not sure why we have it, but in walking through the office, there it was. Just sitting out, half used. I’m thinking that maybe it was on sale somewhere and for people who need tape as much as we do, we grabbed it. We’re penny pinchers. I have had several elected officials tell me in recent years that I can in fact “make a penny bleed.” I choose to take this as a compliment. Our events are always nice (dare I add flawless until you’re behind the scenes?), fun, decorated and well attended. Therefore we can’t do the same décor two events or even two years in a row. So new ideas are a must for centerpieces, displays, food, music, entertainment and more.
  2. A washer and dryer. Not your average office equipment but undoubtedly our favorite item in our new location that came with the house! We were spending so much money laundering tablecloths after events it was ridiculous. Or dragging them home ourselves to try and do them over the weekend. So maybe you think they’re odd, but we think they’re pretty heavenly! It’s nothing to walk in and find Mary, Claudette and/or Carol (who I doubt is 5ft tall) folding tablecloths that are twice their height (and maybe 3 times in Carol’s case).
  3. A couple mason jars filled with what looks like grass that have lids topped with door knobs. Yes, I admit, we’re crazy! We work so many tradeshows, events, conferences, etc. that we have to keep our tablescapes fresh, unique & fun. These vintage jars are actually filled with loose tea (think about the CVB logo!) and topped with lids that have vintage doorknobs glued on them. The LOL (little old ladies like Ms. Charm!) always think they are the bee’s knees when we’re setting up our displays!
  4. A painting of an eagle, American flag and the words “let liberty ring” sitting in front of the fireplace in my office. A housewarming gift from local artist, Paul Spence, it may look out of place and be displayed oddly, however, this one item we wouldn’t part with!
  5. A sign that says “because I’m the princess that’s why.” Dubbed The Princess by Sara Swida with Keep Liberty Beautiful when asked to serve on the Board almost 10 years ago, she has since then decorated by car, office and parts of my house with princess items. I actually have a princess parking sign, aren’t we lucky I don’t insist on using that one!
  6. And then finally a boat paddle covered in what looks like dark wax. It is in fact a boat paddle covered in wax! Crayon wax to be specific. It was actually used to stir crayon wax in low country boil pots when Keep Liberty Beautiful created the Guinness Book of World Records World’s Largest Crayon (my brain child!). Several of us kept our “spoons” as remembrances that we NEVER want to build the worlds largest anything ever again! Subsequently this paddle was used by a Hinesville police officer to kill a water moccasin just outside the steps to our office as an employee (cough, cough Carrie) & I were trying to catch said snake with a litter reacher & trash bag to “rehome” him.

I’m sure I just hit the tip of the iceberg on the oddities that our office contains, and we didn’t even get to the storage shed where there are untold oodles of seemingly useless items that we have used, do use and will use again. Just a quick lesson in not judging cause just because you may not understand, doesn’t mean people are crazy and you’re not!

-Leah Poole, CEO for the Liberty County CVB & Chamber of Commerce

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