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Who is your Chamber Membership Coordinator, 7 things you probably didn’t know

Photo by Ng Photography

Photo by Ng Photography

We decided to continue our blogs for the next couple of weeks in the same vein as last time, letting you in on who your Chamber staff really is. Last week we heard from Leah and this week it’s all about Valerie, your Membership Coordinator. Valerie has been with us since Jan 4 (the day after her birthday) of this year, and we couldn’t imagine a day anymore without her!

So here’s 7 things you probably didn’t know about Valerie.

  1. She is from Covington, GA. A small town right outside of Atlanta. A lot of people think she is from Alabama because of her very thick Southern accent, but she’s not! Sometimes even Georgians ask her where she is from. She was actually raised in an even smaller town called Tifton, GA.
  2. She LOVES to cook. She has found that not only is it therapeutic, it brings people together. Something that she does at home is look up recipes and buy the ingredients on a whim. Her family quickly gets tired of the same old, same old and after the dish has been eaten, they always have a “critique session” about what they would do different or keep the same.
  3. She is an accounting major. Yes… she now works in membership sales and retention, but she loves math. A true nerd at heart, she thinks that math is the only thing that has a definite answer, as opposed to life and parenting.
  4. She has moved over 40 times in her life, and she’s not that old! Sometimes it was just to a new house, sometimes a new city and sometimes it has been back to a city she used to live in before. Her parents moved around a lot as a kid and it carried over into her adult life. Out of spontaneity, a year ago, she sold everything she owned and moved to Seattle, just to say she did it. Of course, she is a Georgia girl at heart, so she came back home a few months later. She is very happy she did since her life made a turn for the better after that.
  5. She is the mother of 2 boys. They are her world. The bond she shares with them is indescribable, and they are what she is most proud of.
  6. She was a member of 4H, the Beta Club and Science Enrichment Club in school. Again, she is a nerd at heart.
  7. She loves makeup. It is her addiction.

We hope you learned something new about your Membership Coordinator and that our attempt at telling you about us helps you to see us all in a new light!

-Leah Poole, CEO for the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce and Liberty County Convention & Visitor’s Bureau

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