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Why You Must Try Lacy Cornbread At Least Once In Your Life

Have you ever heard of lacy cornbread, also known as hot water cornbread? If you haven’t you have been missing out on a good southern recipe! This tasty side dish goes great with dinner, especially if you’re having chili or some type of soup! Lacy cornbread is just like regular cornbread but it’s fried!


During the American Civil War, cornbread was very popular because it was very cheap. It could be made in lots of different ways! Cornmeal is produced by grinding dry raw corn grains and has also been known as the “cornerstone” of cuisine in the Southern United States.


• ½ cup Cornmeal, plain
• ½ tsp salt
• 3 tbs vegetable oil


While making lacy cornbread it is really hard to give measurements, it all depends on how you like your cornbread cooked. At first, you will want to start the batter a little thicker. Different textures can be achieved by changing the amount of cornmeal to water ratio. Remember the thicker the batter the softer the inside, and if you are after a crunchy cornbread add more water but not too much!

How to Cook Lacy Cornbread

To start you will need a cast-iron skillet and all the ingredients that we have listed for you above. A cast-iron skillet is the absolute best thing to use to cook this bread, but if you do not have one you could always use a regular frying pan. You will need to start heating your cooking oil on low/medium depending on the heat of the stove. While the cooking oil is heating this would be a good time to mix together the cornmeal and (hot) water. You then will drop a spoonful of the batter mixture into the cooking oil and it will start frying. To get an even crispier piece of cornbread you will want to flatten the batter with the edge of the spoon after it is dropped in the hot oil. Lacy cornbread cooks really fast, so you will need to stay right there with it while it cooks. You will fry on one side until brown and then flip and do the same on the other side.

Anywhere that you may see little holes is the best way to tell that the cornbread is nice and crispy. Kinda like cooking a pancake. While you are cooking you may see that you are running out of oil, so you will need to add a little more. Lastly, you will remove from the oil and place on paper towels so that they can drain and add salt while still warm.

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