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Your Guide to a Calm Holiday, Here in Liberty County

We all have images of the “perfect” holiday meal, decorations and festivities. But if you’re finding more misery than merry in your holiday plans, then maybe it’s time for a new tradition: peace & quiet. Here is your guide to a calm, relaxing and peaceful holiday here in Liberty County.

Enjoy a massage

The best way to stay calm and collected during the holidays is to schedule some “me” time. And what better way to do that than to get a massage! Sit back & relax and let the masseur work out your stress, so you don’t have resting Grinch face this season. The Zen Den and Ease the Pain Massage are just a few of the fabulous locations right here in Liberty County. For a list of other spas and massage studios, click here.

Hit the trails

There are so many scenic trails in Liberty County. Some trails are known for bird watching, like Fort Morris who offers binoculars for those trying to sneak a peek at one of the many species of birds who migrate here during the colder season. Other trails are known for their scenery like the Historic Baptismal Trail. If you’re looking to bring your furry friends, check out our 4 Scenic Dog- Friendly Trails blog.

Visit our local brewery

There’s nothing more relaxing than enjoying a delicious, hand crafted beer at a local brewery. Split Fin Brewery offers a wide variety of beer that jingle everyone’s bells. Not to mention it’s Liberty County’s first ever brewery! This cool and new spot is located in Midway, just 15 miles from Fort Stewart, and 2-ish miles from Interstate 95. We recommend the Chocolate Strout and the Raspberry Gose this holiday season.

Visit historic sites & museums

Yes, you heard right, visit historic sites & museums. There is nothing more relaxing than a quiet self-guided driving tour through Flemington. There are quite a few hidden history gems here in Liberty County, from the Old Liberty County Jail to Dorchester Academy. If you’re interested in visiting historic sites & museums this season, check out our 7 Tips to Make Your Museum Trip More Interesting.

Unwind with a cocktail

What kind of holiday would it be without a delicious cocktail? Not a relaxing one, that’s for sure! We have a cocktail recipe for every occasion. If you’re looking for a holiday cocktail, our Spiced German Gluhwein is for you. Maybe you were hoping for more of a Bloody Mary Christmas, well guess what? We have a Bloody Mary Recipe as well. Put your feet up and enjoy a holiday drink!

Photo provided by JoannaNg

Try a cultural cuisine

Another tip for having a calm and quiet holiday is to not cook. Instead why not venture out and try one of the many cultural cuisines that Liberty County has to offer. From Jamaican cuisine with Good to Go, to Persian cuisine with Tazza Kabob Grillhouse. Whatever you’re craving, Liberty County has got it! For a cultural cuisine guide, check out our Guide to 7 Different Cultural Cuisines.

Make a relaxing bonfire

Just because it doesn’t get super cold down here in Liberty County doesn’t mean you can’t roast some chestnuts over an open fire. Invite some friends or family over, whip up a delicious cocktail and enjoy the sunset over this beautiful coastal county. Want some more ideas on what to do in a state that doesn’t snow during the holidays? Check out our 5 Things to do Without Snow.


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