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The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce is just like the county it serves, unique. No other place embodies the spirit of hard work and passion quite like Liberty County, so we had to establish a Chamber like no other.

The business community is the heartbeat of Liberty

For the last 44 years, the Chamber has existed to ensure that the businesses that make our county so special have the resources and support they need.

We are a Georgia Certified Chamber of Commerce, and we are committed to the local and small businesses that make our county thrive. From the passionate folks behind the counter, to the ones keeping it all on track, we are here to help you!

With over 450 members working together, our Chamber helps create a positive and healthy economic climate and better way of life for all Liberty residents. We make Liberty better, together!

So Why Join?

Being a member of a 7C Chamber recognized state-wide for its passion and success in helping small and local businesses has its perks.

In 2019 we were one of ten Chambers in the state to be awarded the Georgia Certified Chamber designation, recognized for our strong leadership and expertise in business.

We help businesses in a variety of ways from networking to marketing, and our members are leaders in an array of industries.

Our business community is the foundation of Liberty County, and the Chamber is proud to support their needs and support our community.

What does it mean to be 7C?

As a Chamber, our priority is serving the business community and the county at large. To that end, we are passionate about our mission of being a 7C Chamber, but what does it mean to be 7C? Simply put, it’s a promise.

We are catalysts, conveners, champions, collaborators, cheerleaders, connectors, and now we are pledging to be contributors.

As a catalyst, we act to promote and boost commerce throughout the county for our members and all local businesses.
As a convener, we strive to bring together top leaders from across the community to create a diverse brain trust of business and service experts.
As a champion, we are ambassadors for our members. We champion our local businesses from city hall to the board room.
As a collaborator, we look to help local businesses however we can with marketing, leadership, community involvement, and so much more.
As a cheerleader, we shout the successes of our members from the rooftops. We love highlighting the wins our local businesses achieve across different media platforms.
As a connector, we work hard to link community leaders, business professionals, and local entrepreneurs together to create a winning team for all.
Now, as a contributor, we pledge to add our expertise and resources to our members and all of Liberty County. Together, we can make sure our home is positive and beneficial for all.

Join the Chamber today and see the difference a winning business team makes.

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In Liberty County, we like to say we have The Right Blend for everyone. Whether you’re visiting us for a weekend, looking to plant some roots, or working on your business dream, Liberty welcomes you with open arms and endless possibilities.

Visit Liberty County today!