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Adult Movie Night: Child’s Play

After Karen gifts her son Andy an AI-driven “smart” Buddi Doll for his birthday, a series of violent acts soon unfolds. Detective Mike Norris investigates and slowly uncovers the doll’s sinister nature. Rated R. Runtime 1 hour 30 minutes.

Jack the Ripper Escape Room

Jack the Ripper. The words send shivers down the spines of all who hear his name. For over a century, his identity and motivation have remained a mystery. Fast forward to October 2019, where a serial killer known as “the New Age Ripper” is stalking the streets, targeting London’s courtesans. Join us as we dive…

Crafts of the World Class

Each class will explore a different craft and techniques employed by cultures around the world while considering the design and aesthetic elements. All supplies included. Ages 18 and up.