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10 Reasons You Should Drive To and Not Through Liberty County

Whether you are planning a day trip or a weekend away, everyone wants to visit somewhere they can sit back and relax. Draped in natural beauty and southern charm, our beautiful coastal home is a hidden gem making it the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle and the fast pace of everyday life, so you can have a stress-free getaway. Here is our list of 10 reasons you should drive to and not through Liberty County!

1. Dirt Roads

Dirt Road 10 Reasons You Should Drive To and Not Through Liberty County

Breathtaking views are not hard to come by here. Spanish moss drapes the trees that line the streets throughout this coastal community. Have a beautiful picnic or maybe a peaceful evening drive down one of our many dirt roads! We have several of them to choose from, and they’re all equally beautiful.

2. The Coast

Coast 10 Reasons You Should Drive To and Not Through Liberty County

Since our home kisses the coast, you are sure to find the locals enjoying their day in whatever creek or river they can find. From fishing to kayaking, there are many water-based activities to do all year round! If you want to get out on the water while visiting, check out some of our favorite kayaking spots, or if you want to see a magnificent coastal sunset on the water – we have a spot for that too! Click here to find out more.

3. Rich History

Dorchester Academy MLK 10 Reasons You Should Drive To and Not Through Liberty County

Liberty County is more than just a pretty place. We are home to some of the richest history that has occurred over the last 240 years. Established in 1777, our coastal county was home to two signers of the Declaration of Independence, played a role in the Revolutionary & Civil Wars and was even a stop for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Civil Rights Movement. For a list of our historic sites, check out our Things to Do page.

4. Diverse Dining Experiences

Sunbury Crab Company 10 Reasons You Should Drive To and Not Through Liberty County

The food in Liberty County is as diverse as the population. Being a coastal community, you can find fresh seafood at the Sunbury Crab Company or Melody’s Coastal Café. If you are in search of some cultural cuisine then Tazza Kabob Grillhouse or Zum Rosenhof in Hinesville are local favorites. You are sure to love something at any of these places! Want to eat like a local? Check out our blog 10 Liberty County Local Restaurants That Will Leave You Wanting More.

5. Indoor Activities

3rd ID Museum 10 Reasons You Should Drive To and Not Through Liberty County

Our museums are equally as unique as they are entertaining! The Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association Museum is located in the heart of downtown Hinesville. At the ITPA museum, visitors can see the progress of telephones from the beginning to the present day. If you are visiting and interested in learning more about Liberty County’s Military history, head over to the 3rd Infantry Division Museum located on Fort Stewart! The 3rd ID museum shows how the installation has evolved and become the largest installation east of the Mississippi River. Interested in more activities? Check out our blog – Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Liberty County!

6. Outdoor Recreation

Cay Creek Wetlands Interpretive Center 10 Reasons You Should Drive To and Not Through Liberty County

There are many ways to get outdoors and explore right here in Liberty County! Visit Cay Creek Interpretive Wetlands Center to see 8 different ecosystems as you venture down the boardwalk. If you like embracing nature with a historical twist, visit the Historic Baptismal Trail in Riceboro. It was an active holy place for over 100 years! If learning about military history is more your style, visit our state historic site, Fort Morris. It is Georgia’s only Revolutionary historic site with the original Earthworks.

7. Tree Spirits

Tree Spirits

Over the years, there have been mysterious “tree spirits” that have popped up along Barrington Ferry Road in Riceboro. These tree spirits are faces that have been carved into the oak trees along the sides of one of our most scenic dirt roads. Each face is different which makes searching for them that much more fun. As the locals say, head out to Riceboro and ride the blues to find them for yourself! We have marked each one to make them easier to find. Click here for the coordinates!

8. St. Catherines Island

St. Catherines Island

In the summer you can find us lounging around on the boat on the shore of our barrier island! Although St. Catherines Island is only accessible by boat, so you will want to plan accordingly. If you have a boat, you can put it in at the Sunbury Public Boat Ramp. To access the interior of the island, you must be invited. Be careful and do not venture off on your own! A fun fact about St. Catherines Island is… it is one of only 2 places in the world where you can find ring-tailed lemurs! How cool is that?!

9. Film

Oprah in Midway

In recent years, Liberty County has become a hot spot for filming in Georgia! Some of your favorite film productions have probably been filmed in Liberty County. Most recently we hosted the cast and crew from Fear of the Walking Dead and The Color Purple. Even Oprah visited Liberty County last year. If that is not a reason to come see us, we don’t know what is! Find out more about all the film projects that have taken place here in our blog Liberty Through a Lens: Local Film Productions.

10. The People

Ladies at Hampton Island

📸 Joanna Ng Photography

There is nothing quite like the southern charm of native Liberty County residents. Right in the heart of the South, we are home to a place where neighbors know each other by name, and we wave hello as we pass by. Somewhat of a melting pot, thanks to our neighbor at Ft. Stewart, we maintain our small-town charm. Our friends are always anxious to provide visitors with the maximum amount of comfort and relaxation.

Come #ExploreLiberty and experience a jewel tucked along coastal Georgia! No one is in a hurry, the food is slow-cooked, and you can experience true Southern hospitality in every interaction. Keep life simple in 2023 by adding Liberty County to your destination list. We’ll be waiting with a smile on our faces to greet you!

Liberty County small logomark

In Liberty County, we like to say we have The Right Blend for everyone. Whether you’re visiting us for a weekend, looking to plant some roots, or working on your business dream, Liberty welcomes you with open arms and endless possibilities.

Visit Liberty County today!