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6 Parks to Visit this Spring in Liberty County

Liberty County has some of the best parks to take a walk in as you’re getting your steps in this spring! We’re so excited that March 30th is officially National Take a Walk in a Park Day so we can highlight some of our favorite parks to visit and help you crush your goals at the same time. Do you think you can visit all six?

1. James A. Brown Park

James Brown Park Located in Hinesville, this park features a one-mile paved trail where you get the perfect mix of nature and ballpark views. It also has a pavilion, tennis courts, the Shuman Recreation Center and the Hazel Carter Senior Citizen Center. Our favorite way to spend time here is by walking a mile to warm up, then playing a few games of tennis, followed by having lunch under the shade of the pavilion. You never know who you might see while out walking at this park, it’s the perfect place to make a new friend!

2.  Eve Park

Eve Park Take a walk on the east end of Liberty County along the intracoastal waterway at Eve Park. With some pretty amazing water views, a pavilion, playground and bathrooms we’re sure that you’ll fall in love immediately with this little slice of Liberty County! It is conveniently located at Halfmoon Marina where you can grab a quick snack or watch boats float by.

3. Irene B. Thomas Park

Irene B Thomas Park 6 Parks to Visit this Spring in Liberty County

This park is conveniently located in Hinesville and is a hometown favorite for families. Go for a slow stroll around the half mile loop, then stop and pull out the fishing gear to see if you can get any bites. You can also enjoy a picnic in the grass while the kiddos play at the playground or the skate park. This park is perfect for families who want to get out of the house and be active! Don’t forget protective gear if you’re using the skate park.

4. Jones Creek

Jones Creek Park 6 Parks to Visit this Spring in Liberty County

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Located in Isle of Wight, also on the east end of Liberty County, you can catch a beautiful sunset on the water while finishing up your evening walk at Jones Creek Park. If you go at the right time, you might even see a dolphin or two while you’re getting your steps in. If you love to kayak, we recommend this as a place to launch! Pro Tip: Check the tides before heading out and pack a lunch to eat under the pavilion!

5. Warriors Walk

Warriors Walk 6 Parks to Visit this Spring in Liberty County

If you and your family are military, we recommend visiting Warriors Walk located on Fort Stewart. This path was dedicated to the soldiers who served in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. It was once marched on by those going to battle, but can now be walked by you too! Here is where we remember those who demonstrated valor, honor and respect for our country. It is lined with white blooming Crepe Myrtle trees that are symbolic of our nations gratitude to fallen soldiers and their families. If you are looking for a walk to clear your mind, this one is surely it!

6. Bryant Commons

Bryant Commons 6 Parks to Visit this Spring in Liberty County

Located just off of W Oglethorpe Hwy, this park has something to offer for everyone. Situated on a 150-acres it features an outdoor amphitheater, Cisco’s Dog Park, Brambles Playground, the ITPA Museum and a large pond you can fish in. Bryant Commons offers the perfect loop to walk with friends and family. Take a breather while watching the sunset through the beautiful oak trees surrounding the property. If you are looking for an after-work stress reliever, this is it!

Crush your walking goals this spring and #ExploreLiberty one step at a time!



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