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Get Outdoors & Embrace Nature in Liberty County

Spring is in full swing, and we are loving it! The temperatures are perfect, the flowers are in full bloom and the days are getting longer. All of these things come together to create the perfect mix for a fantastic day in Liberty County! Spending the day outdoors is our favorite hobby, so we thought we’d share a few of our favorite ways for y’all to get the most out of it.

Hit the water and see if you can spot some dolphins!

Dolphins Nature in Liberty County

Photo by Jeff Jones

We love when we spot these lovable creatures gliding through the water. The best places to spot some would be Jones Creek Park or Eve Park at Halfmoon Marina. Both of these parks are located on our Intracoastal waterway, and dolphins frequent the creeks along the coast as they teach their young how to fish. Try to visit these parks when it’s high tide because that is the best time to spot them!

Head over to one of our many parks for a picnic!

Bryant Commons Nature in Liberty County

Pack a lunch, throw down a blanket and forget about the busy world for a bit and enjoy the peacefulness that comes with being outdoors. Your whole family can enjoy these parks because a number of them have catch and release fishing, walking trails, playgrounds and pavilions!

Visit Jones Creek Park at low tide.

You can see sea snails on the marsh grass, and you might even be able to collect a few pieces of driftwood!

Grab your rod and reel and go fishing!

Fishing Nature in Liberty County

Photo by Bill Vanderford

Fishing is relaxing, and it’s always fun to see who can reel in the biggest one. We have a list of some of the best places to fish for freshwater and saltwater anglers. Click here to check it out!

Hit up a nature trail for the day!

Cay Creek Nature in Liberty County

Photo by Ralph Daniel

Go visit your favorite one in Liberty County, or check all of them out! Trails are a great place to enjoy the beauty of nature all around you and get some exercise as well!

Watch the sun set on the coast.

Sunset Nature in Liberty County

Photo by Marcus Sack

This is arguably one of our favorite pastimes here because this is the best way to end the day. Find a comfy spot and sit back and relax! There’s nothing better than the simplicity of ending the day by watching the sky fade from its normal bright blue to breathtaking pastels before the sun goes to bed.

Start your own garden!Garden Nature in Liberty County

Start small with a few bushes or go big with an entire vegetable garden! Head on over to HLH & Co. Nursery & Design, Harris Ace HardwareStacy’s Florist or Dawson’s General Store and pick up the supplies to spruce up your yard!

Stay tuned as this season continues on and turns into summer. Even more outdoor fun will start to pop up! During the summer many organizations host camps for the little nature lover in your life. Stay in the know about all of these events by following us on social media and don’t forget to #ExploreLiberty.

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In Liberty County, we like to say we have The Right Blend for everyone. Whether you’re visiting us for a weekend, looking to plant some roots, or working on your business dream, Liberty welcomes you with open arms and endless possibilities.

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