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Lovebugs – Love em’ or Hate em’

There aren’t many Liberty County residents who love lovebugs; in fact, I don’t think I know any. I moved to Georgia two years ago and I was amazed by these black and orange bugs flying through the air together. Then I quickly realized their tiny bodies are slightly acidic & could actually damage the paint of my car! Once I learned that lovebugs are a common occurrence down south, I decided to do some research and learn a little more about these “honeymoon flies.”



📸Steve Beger


Plecia Nearctica

Lovebugs are a bibionid fly species whose scientific name is Plecia nearctica, which means they do not bite or sting. Unlike the pesky household fly, lovebugs can be useful to the landscape while in their adolescent stage. When freshly cut grass falls to the ground, it creates a covering over the soil known as thatch.  This is where young lovebugs live and eat. Through this process, the lovebugs redistribute essential nutrients back into the ground, which is beneficial to plants and the environment!

In Liberty County, you’ll notice lovebugs more during Spring and Fall.  There are two generations of lovebugs each year. Large adult populations are present during May and September for about four weeks each season. When you see these strange little bugs fly together in tandem, that usually means they are mating.

If you don’t notice them flying through the air, you’ll definitely see them on your car! Lovebugs are attracted to our vehicles, specifically the exhaust fumes, heat from the engines and the vibrations of the vehicles themselves. Which leads to a high amount of splatter and residue that we are forced to wash off our vehicles. For tips and tricks on cleaning them off your car see our blog “A Liberty County Guide to Keeping Your Ride Clean During Lovebug Season.”

Whether you love em’ or hate em’, lovebugs are here to stay. Even though they can be a nuisance hopefully, we have shed some light on the benefits of these “kissing bugs.” If you think they’re cute, then check out our blog “If Liberty County Created Zodiac Signs,” which features these adorable insects.




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