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Seasonal Blooms in Liberty County

Every season brings an array of flowers that decorate Liberty County in beautiful colors. These blooms come in many varieties as well as shapes and sizes, so we wanted to let y’all know which ones to keep an eye out for whenever you visit! Read along to learn more about each of the blooms that the changing seasons bring.

Winter Blooms

Camellias are some of our favorite winter flowers. They bring gardens and yards to life when the weather cools off and are often referred to as the Queen of winter flowers! These evergreen shrubs bloom in shades of red, pink and white and bring a little bit of joy to the coldest of days.

Spring Blooms

Azalea Seasonal Blooms in Liberty County

Azaleas are often called the South’s favorite shrubs, and this is because they can be found almost everywhere you look! When planting, the best spot is in partial sun or filtered shade, because too much sun will bleach or burn the leaves and too little will cause the plant to become lanky and not bloom. Keep an eye out for them during the springtime in Liberty County.

📸 Bianca Croft

Lantana are unique, vine-like and sprawl from woody branches. These flowers are perfect to use as ground cover, because they flourish in full sunlight, a warm climate and bloom in round clusters of small flowers. Many people use them as decor by planting them in hanging baskets, so you may see them adding a pop of color to someone’s porch!

Wisteria Seasonal Blooms in Liberty County

Wisteria is covered in small baby blue and lilac-colored spurs. It grows on long vines that can reach up to 30ft long! These vines bloom in the spring and into early summer. However, they can grow rather aggressively and overtake the spaces that they are in quickly, so don’t plant them too close to your house.

Confederate Jasmine

Confederate Jasmine is made up of little white flowers that grow up our live oak trees on vines. It thrives in full sun and shade, but you’ll see the most flowers if it’s in a sunnier spot! It makes a gorgeous decoration when used on fences, patios, porches and more. Make sure that wherever you plant is close to your house, so you can enjoy the smell!

Summer Blooms

Cherokee Rose Seasonal Blooms in Liberty County

The Cherokee Rose is our state flower, and it blooms every summer here in Liberty County! They grow wild, as high-climbing shrubs and normally have stems up to 20ft long. These flowers represent the removal of the Cherokee tribe from Georgia that took place in the mid-1800s, and they grow along the route that the Cherokee people followed out west to the Oklahoma territories. The blooming season is short, usually ranging from late March into April, so you will want to catch these beauties before it’s too late.

Rose of Sharon Seasonal Blooms in Liberty County

📸 Bianca Croft

The Rose of Sharon is another beautiful flower that produces abundant blooms all summer long. It has an upright vase shape with multiple branches and thick green leaves. The flower itself is made up of five petals and comes in an array of colors! It grows well in Liberty County because as it matures it is very low maintenance and tolerates drought and heat well.

Hydrangea Seasonal Blooms in Liberty County

Hydrangeas are no doubt one of our favorite perennial plants of all time. The beauty and elegance of the flower has become southern staple! They grow well here because they are easy to take care of and can tolerate most any type of soil. When we see the hydrangeas blooming, it is our sign that summer has officially arrived!

Fall Blooms

Rhododenderon Seasonal Blooms in Liberty County

Rhododendron looks almost identical to azaleas, and they are commonly mistaken for each other! The main thing that makes them different is that their leaves are generally bigger and have a leathery look to them. The soil that these flowers grow in needs to be the perfect balance of dry and wet for the leaves to stay big and green year-round and in each fall season, they will begin blooming in bright, flower filled clusters!

Wanna see some of these beauties in person? Come see us in the heart of downtown Hinesville! We are located at the Bacon-Fraser house, a historic home built in 1839. You will see several of these amazing flowers during their specific blooming season.

We are open Monday-Friday from 8:30am until 5pm and are happy to give you a tour of the grounds. After all, everyone needs to stop and smell the flowers every once in a while, especially when you #ExploreLiberty!

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