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Then & Now – Liberty County History in Photographs

We’re always talking about how much history Liberty County holds and the places that make us who we are. While browsing through an old history book, we came across photos that document our community and show the progression we’ve made over the last 200 years. Keep reading to check out some of our amazing history!

Shore of St. Catherines Island St. Catherines Shore Then & Now – Liberty County History in Photographs

St. Catherines Island has been an influential place since the 1500’s. Although only accessible by boat, its beauty is something that everyone should experience. Don’t go past the shore though because the interior of the island is for invited guests only!

Commerce StreetCommerce Street

Downtown Hinesville was a bustling place during its prime! With the help of dedicated folks, it is on its way back to becoming the place that community members once knew and loved. The beauty has never faded though!

Monument at the Midway Cemetery

Monument at Midway Cemetery Then & Now – Liberty County History in Photographs

📸Tammy Lee Bradley

Located in the Midway Cemetery, you can find an exact replica of the Washington Monument that was installed over 100 years ago. The monument was placed here to pay tribute to Colonel James Screven and General James Stewart. Both men were Revolutionary War heroes and are buried in the cemetery.

Fort Stewart Main EntranceFort Stewart Main Entrance

Time has changed the sign at Fort Stewart’s main entrance, but the importance that the Army installation holds in our community has not! A six-time winner of the Army Community of Excellence Award, we hold these folks in high regard for the great job that they do each day. #ROTM #HOOAH

Midway Congressional Church at Dorchester

Midway Congressional Church at Dorchester Academy Then & Now – Liberty County History in Photographs

📸Madison Eby Photography

Home of the Liberty Bell, the Midway Congressional Church was a crucial part of life for students at Dorchester Academy. The bell located at the church rang periodically throughout the day to let students know what time it was as they made their daily commute to and from school.

Midway Church

Midway Church

📸Ralph Daniel

The Midway Congregational Church shown in both images is the structure that still stands today and was built in 1792. It has been well maintained through the years, and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973!


Sunbury Then & Now – Liberty County History in Photographs

📸Bobby Cary

The former town of Sunbury is no longer in existence, but this photo from 1960 shows what the port was like during its prime. It was a deeper natural sea port than what you could find in Savannah at the time!

Dorchester Academy Boys Dormitory

Dorchester Academy Boys Dorm

📸Madison Eby Photography

The historic photo of Dorchester Academy shown above was taken in 1927! The original structure that still stands beneath the live oak trees is the former boy’s dormitory. It is now a living history museum and 1 of only 11 stops in Georgia on the U.S. Civil Rights Trail!

Main StreetMain Street Then & Now – Liberty County History in Photographs

Main Street in Hinesville has always been one of the busiest spots in town and still looks almost identical to the way it did back in the day. Some things never change!

Yellow Bluff

Yellow Bluff

📸Chris Walker

The Yellow Bluff store is another structure that has held its original beauty. The two photos were taken almost 100 years apart and you can hardly see a difference. Head out to Yellow Bluff to see this building, as well as some of the most beautiful views in Liberty County!

Historic Liberty County Courthouse

Historic Liberty County Courthouse Then & Now – Liberty County History in Photographs

📸Tammy Lee Bradley

Completed in 1927, the historic Liberty County courthouse still stands today in its original spot. It has been a staple in downtown Hinesville almost 100 years and was recently remodeled to better serve the community!

Bacon Fraser HouseBacon Fraser House

Located in downtown Hinesville, the historic Bacon Fraser House has only gotten more beautiful with time! The home was originally built in 1839 and happens to be the offices of the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Old Hinesville Bank & Zum Rosenhof

Zum Rosenhof Then & Now – Liberty County History in Photographs

📸Zum Rosenhof

Now home to Zum Rosenhof German Restaurant, this building had its beginnings in 1911 when it opened its doors as the Hinesville Bank! Over the years businesses have come and gone, but none quite like Zum Rosenhof. Stop by for some of the best authentic German cuisine you’ve ever had!

Camp Stewart Headquarters & Fort Stewart headquartersFt. Stewart Headquarters

The photo on the left shows Camp Stewart’s headquarters in the year 1950 and shown on the right is what it looks like today. The difference between the original wood structure at Camp Stewart and the new brick version at Fort Stewart is mind-blowing!

We could go on for days talking about the history that Liberty County holds and show you even more photos, because our county is such a special and important place! Visit each of these historic spots, and if you want to learn more about our history, get out and #ExploreLiberty!

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In Liberty County, we like to say we have The Right Blend for everyone. Whether you’re visiting us for a weekend, looking to plant some roots, or working on your business dream, Liberty welcomes you with open arms and endless possibilities.

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