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Celebrating Black-Owned Businesses in Liberty County

Liberty County is known for our melting pot of residents, amazing community culture and our breath-taking naturescapes. Our business community is constantly growing & bringing creative entrepreneurs, fashion-forward shops and eclectic cuisines with many black-owned businesses leading the way. We sat down with three amazing black-owned businesses in Liberty County to showcase what their businesses offer and to highlight their missions for the community.


DeLisa Clift with Global Business Development Strategist, LLC & Strategic Biz Solutions Unlimited, Inc.

DeLisa Clift is a well-known business owner here in Liberty County. She is the owner and operator of Global Business Development Strategist, LLC, and she also co-owns Strategic Biz Solutions Unlimited, Inc. with her husband Solomon Clift. Both businesses work hard to help local organizations increase their reach and diversity. Mr. Solomon puts it best: “we provide business development for private and government agencies. We create synergy around business practices to include supplier diversity and inclusion program management for government agencies.”

Ms. Delisa takes that one step further and explains that her mission for both businesses is “to create synergies around business processing so that business owners can focus on their core competency while we handle the day-to-day administration of projects.” When asked why her customers like doing business with her companies, Ms. Delisa replied “they understand the importance of being compliant on all local, state and federal rules & regulations as it relates to their business practices.”


Mitch Boston with Big Dawgs

Big Dawgs is one of our newest cuisines and the only hotdog place in Liberty County! Owner Mitch Boston has had a love for hotdogs ever since he was younger. Being from Brooklyn, NY, hotdogs have always been a staple in his culture: “As I got older and started to travel, I realized hotdogs were dressed and eaten differently depending on where you live.” Mr. Mitch believes that  “Big Dawgs celebrates the diversity of hotdogs throughout America.”

Big Dawgs’ mission is to provide quality food at an affordable price, with fast & friendly service. Customers return to Big Dawgs because the restaurant specializes in its craft, creating a diverse hotdog menu which features their Jersey Dawg, Jerk Dawg and their vegan Carrot Dawg topped with vegetarian chili & slaw!


Commissioner Justin Fraser with Huta Essentials

Not only is Mr. Justin Fraser on the Liberty County Board of Commissioners, he is also the owner of Huta Essentials in both Hinesville and Savannah. Huta Essentials is a CBD health and wellness shop with numerous amounts of premium CBD products from bath & beauty to pet products. According to Commissioner Fraser, “[their] mission is to better educate people on the healing powers of alternative medicine.” He goes on to say “we want to help reduce the number of pills people take for pain, anxiety, depression and even seizures.”

Commissioner Fraser opened Huta Essentials with the goal of helping people realize the healing powers of CBD: “some years ago my father had cancer and I saw the effects that anxiety and depression had on him & the family as a whole, so I started looking at alternative medicines.” CBD products have been proven to help reduce seizures, anxiety and even help people who suffer from chemical imbalances. Not only does Huta Essentials pride themselves on having great customer service, they are also educated in the products they sell and do not hesitate to pass that information along to their customers.


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