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How to Eat Your Veggies in Liberty County

It’s easy to find country cooking, BBQ and anything that has the word “fried” in front of it in the South, but what about people who prefer vegetarian options? We know that many places you go allow guests to modify menu items to fit their needs and get the food just the way they like it, but did y’all know that a number of restaurants now have a section on their menus especially for vegetarian guests? Liberty County is a no exception! Many of our restaurants offer strictly veggie dishes. We put a list of them together for y’all, so everyone leaves full and satisfied! Check them out below.

Rodeo Mexican Restaurant

Rodeo Vegetarian Blog

Photo by Joanna Ng

Located in Hinesville, Rodeo Mexican Restaurant is a local favorite, and they have plenty of options to suit our vegetarian friends! Their dishes are perfectly seasoned and tasty, and we just know that y’all will love them. We recommend that you try the quesadilla with grilled veggies and rice. Just thinking about it has our mouth’s watering! If we’re being totally honest, who can deny the cheesy goodness that is Mexican food?!Farmer's Natural Food Vegetarian Blog

Farmers Natural Foods

This option kills two birds with one stone. Farmer’s Natural Foods is not only a vegan café, but they are also an organic grocery store! If you visit them during the week, you can order some amazing vegan spaghetti, vegan tacos, or any kind of smoothie that you can think of. Head over and see what’s on their weekly menu and while you wait, feel free to shop around and browse their selection of organic, non-GMO products. They’ll help keep you healthy and active!

Tazza Veggie Blog

Photo by Joanna Ng

Tazza Kabob

Tazza Kabob doesn’t have a strictly vegetarian portion on their menu, but any of their items can be easily modified! The Persian/Afghan cuisine is flavorful and without a doubt delicious. We recommend that you try the eggplant, rice, salad or naan bread! Make sure that if you decide to visit, you go with an empty stomach. Once you see and smell their food, you won’t be able to resist and don’t forget to try some of the amazing items that we recommended!

Big Dawgs

Located off of Hwy 196, you’ll find Liberty County’s only hot dog spot. Big Dawgs is known for serving up delicious dogs with all of the best toppings! Vegetarian eaters are no exception. Did y’all know that Big Dawgs has a vegetarian hot dog?! Instead of a classic hot dog, there is a carrot in its place. We know what you’re thinking, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Not hungry for a full meal? We also have a couple of spots that offer meal replacement drinks, shakes and teas. If you’re pescatarian, we also have some great seafood spots that you can visit! Come #ExploreLiberty and try out some of our local favorites.

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In Liberty County, we like to say we have The Right Blend for everyone. Whether you’re visiting us for a weekend, looking to plant some roots, or working on your business dream, Liberty welcomes you with open arms and endless possibilities.

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