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6 Places to Visit During Spooky Season in Liberty County

Spooky season is upon us! What better time than now to learn about some supposedly haunted and eerie places right here in Liberty County?! We have tons of historic buildings and spots where you’re likely to hear spooky stories from the past. Keep reading to find out more about a few of them!

1) Bacon-Fraser HouseBacon Fraser House 6 Places to Visit During Spooky Season in Liberty County

Our very own office is a well-known historic and haunted location here in Liberty County. The Bacon Fraser House was built in 1839 and had members of the Bacon Fraser family living in it for 6 generations before passing it down to us. Along with the home, the family members passed stories along to our staff after purchasing the house. The main subject of those stories was Mary Elizabeth Fraser, better known as the ghost residing here.

Mary Elizabeth’s presence lingers most on the second floor of the house. Occasionally you may see lights turning on and off or see something out of the corner of your eye, but her presence here is peaceful. Visitors are welcome to stop by for a tour, but we do not allow any ghost hunters. We don’t want to upset Mary Elizabeth. We thank her very kindly for letting us work in her home every day!

2) Old Liberty County JailOld Liberty County Jail 6 Places to Visit During Spooky Season in Liberty County

Just a few blocks away from the Bacon Fraser House, you will find the historic Liberty County Jail. Built in 1892 and utilized until the 1960s, the Old Jail has seen its fair share of inmates and jailers over time. There are no records indicating that anyone passed away inside the jail, but there is no shortage of spooky things that happen! Paranormal investigative teams have found disembodied voices, whistling, shadowy figures and even felt something touch them. You never know what you may hear or see while taking a tour of this historic gem! Stop by and tour this spooky stop by contacting the Hinesville Downtown Development Authority during regular business hours.

3) Midway Museum & Cemetery

Midway Cemetery 6 Places to Visit During Spooky Season in Liberty County

📸 Tammy Lee Bradley

The Midway Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in the entire state of Georgia, so it’s no surprise there are ghost stories associated with this location! Local legends have many different stories about the cemetery, but there are two that stick out more than the rest! Check them out below.

Story #1

It’s hard to imagine the tale of two young lovers being associated with a cemetery but for Sylvia and her lover, a slave at the time – that is just the case. The story goes that Sylvia and her lover would rendezvous at the cemetery but once her father found out, life would be forever changed. Sylvia’s father had him hung inside the cemetery and upon seeing her dead lover, she took her own life. People say you can still see two shadowy figures together under the trees.

Story #2

While you stroll through the grounds, you may notice a crack in the northern wall of the cemetery. It is said that back when the wall was being constructed, two slaves were made to stay late to finish their work. The night ended with one man killing the other with a brick and burying the body beneath the wall. Soon after, the wall began to crumble at an unnatural pace so they ordered the wall to be torn down and rebuilt. During the demolition, the remains of the deceased slave were found and after removal the wall was rebuilt. However, as you will notice – the crack is still there forever marking where the body was buried.

Want to hear about more haunted happenings at the Midway Cemetery? The Midway Museum oversees the Midway Church and its sacred grounds, and they host cemetery tours around Halloween each year! Visit their website for more information about the historic church and cemetery.

4) Fort Morris & the “lost city” of Sunbury

Fort Morris 6 Places to Visit During Spooky Season in Liberty County

📸 Fort Morris State Historic Site

Located in Midway is Fort Morris State Historic Site. It was created to protect the lost city of Sunbury and its harbor during the Revolutionary War, but it’s not a fort in the traditional sense of a concrete structure. It is made out of original earthenworks! During the time it was constructed, there were soldiers on both sides of the conflict who died on the site. Some people claim that they can still hear Lachlan McIntosh telling the British to, “Come and Take it!”

Sunbury is called the “lost city” because it was destroyed during the Revolutionary War and little to nothing remains. For those interested in learning more about the town and the people who once lived there, we suggest that you visit the Sunbury Cemetery out at the coast!

St. Catherines Island 6 Places to Visit During Spooky Season in Liberty County

📸 Billy Harrell

5) St. Catherines Island

A bonus site for those who like adventure would be the supposed ghost activity on Liberty County’s barrier island, St. Catherines. Visitors can only access the island by boat and are only allowed on the interior of the island by invitation. The island is said to contain the ghost of Mary Musgrove, nicknamed the Queen of Georgia, who died on the island sometime after 1763. It is said that on a particular hill you can see her ghost haunting the island. Musgrove served as Oglethorpe’s chief interpreter for many years before being given the island where she remained for the rest of her life!

6) Downtown HinesvilleDowntown Hinesville 6 Places to Visit During Spooky Season in Liberty County

The majority of businesses in downtown Hinesville are housed in buildings that are over 100 years old. Our authentic German restaurant located in downtown Hinesville, Zum Rosenhof used to be the home of the first Hinesville Bank. Martin Mercantile and the Hinesville Area Arts Council building was once voter registration and before that it was a pharmacy. We don’t know for sure that these buildings are haunted, but that’s what the word on the street says. Check them out and find out for yourself!

Looking for even more spooky things to do? We suggest that you head out to Midway and #ExploreLiberty by visiting Haunted Grounds Coffee shop. It is owned and operated by the Paranormal Society of Savannah. They have delicious coffee and a “museum” full of paranormal stories and tours. Have fun & stay safe! 👻

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In Liberty County, we like to say we have The Right Blend for everyone. Whether you’re visiting us for a weekend, looking to plant some roots, or working on your business dream, Liberty welcomes you with open arms and endless possibilities.

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